Petite Shopping Tote VS. Timeless Tote: Which Do You Prefer??

  1. Which do you prefer, the Petite Shopping Tote or the Timeless Tote. The Petite Shoping Tote has the large Caviar CC's and the Timeless Tote has smaller metal CC's( I want them both in Gold Hardware)

    Please let me know what everyone prefers!! Thanks!:yes:
  2. I like the PST...I think it looks more modern....but it depends what look you are going for...I love the look of the PST. It's gorgeous, but both bags are amazing....I'm pretty sure that with any Chanel bag, you cannot go wrong!!!;)
  3. i prefer the PST. To me the timeless tote is a bit wide on the side so it doesn't lay as flat when carried.
  4. *Here are pics of the Timeless Tote w/silver hardware(but I want it with Gold Hardware):

    Attached ImagesIMG_0385.JPG (53.2 KB, 725 views)IMG_0265.JPG (99.3 KB, 362 views)IMG_0263.JPG (88.8 KB, 283 views)IMG_0384.JPG (58.2 KB, 257 views)

    Here are pics of the Petite Shopping Tote:

    I thought they were about the same width from the side...
    Please let me know what everyone prefers!! Thanks!:yes:
  5. Images didn't attach. Repost?
  6. Attached Images[​IMG]IMG_0385.JPG (53.2 KB, 725 views)[​IMG]IMG_0265.JPG (99.3 KB, 362 views)[​IMG]IMG_0263.JPG (88.8 KB, 283 views)[​IMG]IMG_0384.JPG (58.2 KB, 257 views)

    Also this is will be my very first Chanel!!!
    Here they are again..hopefully it worked this time!
  7. i like the petite shopping tote. It has a zipper so nothing will fall out. but I've never tried it on IRL, so I'm not sure of how comfortable it will be to carry.
  8. I think I like the Timeless Tote more than the PST... I had a problem with my PST before like the bottoms are softening..
  9. They both have a zippered top which I like, what do you mean the bottom softening?
  10. I don't know how to explain it but it became soft at the bottom (or should I say the half bottom of my PST) so it's not in full shape anymore, but it can still stand on its feet.
  11. pst.
  12. I have the PST for over 3 years and never had any problems with it. It fits comfortable over the shoulder and holds loads. I did recently see the timeless in red lambskin with new chain, and that was a beautiful bag.
  13. Timeless tote. Much more better in my opinion.:roflmfao:
  14. Timeless Tote
  15. The Timeless Tote is more classic but I prefer the GST, I think it's more modern and looks more expensive to me.