Petite Shopping size???

  1. Anyone know the dimensions for the Caviar Petite Shopping which retails for $1,095?? Also does it have a zipper top??

  2. It does not have a zippered top, but I don't know exact dimensions.
  3. Thx Swanky!!:yes:
  4. ;) wish I could tell you more!
    I'm pretty sure it's been posted. . . have you searched?
  5. Check the resource thread, I know for sure the Grand Shopper is there...

    (cause I keep looking at it)...
  6. I don't know the dimensions of the Petit Shopping tote but missbabydolce and mello_yellojen should be able to tell you. I remember the tote not having a zipper in the middle.

    The GST though has two compartments and a zipper in the middle.:nuts:
  7. Aww, Thx! Ya, I did see pics of both the GST and the Petit. I was just sorta curious on the dimensions of the petit.

    Thanks Anyways!!;)
  8. heres the one with zippers. box labelled petite shopper as well. but it retails for the same price as Grand Shopper.

    View attachment 92100
  9. ^did that pic not work? can someone tell me if theres something wrong with the way I tried to post the picture? Ahh so many changes I'm confused!!!


    try again* sorry not trying to flood the thread!
  10. The petite shopper only has one compartment inside. There's a cell phone pocket on one side and a zipped pocket on the other side.

    It measures 9.75in W x 9.5in H x 3.5in D

  11. Thx for the pic! So let's see, the pic is of another bag also called "Petite" (with an "e")?? Not the GST...smaller size Petit Shopper? Right?

    Here's a pic of the Petit Shopper...

    Ok, and the one you posted is the "Petite"....Looks like the difference is in the chain straps. The Petit Shopper having the chains on either side then the leather part for the shoulder. And the Petite having a full chain strap w/ leather intertwined. Ok gotta keep this in mind.

    Hmm, Thx for posting!:yes:
  12. Thx for the measurements!! Helps alot! :yes: