petite shopper for a chanel virgin!

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  1. Hi, i'm quite new to the chanel forum ;) i've been reading up on a few threads in here and i am quite convinced..... i MUST buy my first chanel!!:yahoo: i've been debating about quite a few.. and i love love love the classic flap.. jumbo or medium sized, but then i figured it would look too old for me?? (i'm quite young and still a student) i also love the grand shopping tote but i'm pretty petite and i think it might overwhelm my frame :confused1: so i had my eye on the petite shopper... i really reallyyy like it!! now im just deciding between the colors.. black or beige?? and do both colors come in both, silver and gold, hardware? and if yes.. which color/hardware combination should i choose? if i get black i'll be afraid that i won't be able to use it in the summer.. but if i get beige i'm afraid it'll get dirty and i might want to wear a darker handbag for the winter! LOL and where can i find this bag?! (im in the NYC area) and if anyone knows how much this bag costs (i think i read somewhere its around $1095?) i'd love to know.. thank you in advance! :yes:

    sorry if the questions are a little dumb, i'm a chanel newbie..and i just LOVE this bag!!! :drool:
  2. $1095 is the current retail price :yes:

    I believe the silver hardware was limited for the spring collection last year but I'm not too sure about that, hopefully someone can clarify. I know gold is the classic hardware for the classic pieces so that is available year round.

    imo black looks really modern with the silver hardware and since you're young, the black w/ silver would be a good choice. beige/gold is also a very nice classic combo as is black/gold.

    the beige will not get dirty. i have a white petite shopper and it is as white as the first day I got her :love:
  3. mello_yello_jen thanks for your help.. i do like the black/silver.. but i'm wondering if i should get something that i could wear for spring/summer.. which makes me lean towards the beige
  4. ^ black could work in the spring/summer. just tie a nice bright scarf to it :p

    jk! but yea, the beige is a really nice choice. either color, beige or black, you cant go wrong!
  5. You should without question go with black and silver. Beige, to me, is an old lady color. Especially for your first CHANEL, you will want to go with a color that you can use year round.

    Just my opinion.