Petite owners of Part Time - 5'3" and under

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  1. I am a shortie at 5'1" and 100lbs and recently got an Anthra Work bag which unfortunately is too big for me as you can see below. I am so upset that I have to let her go as I love the colour and leather so much. But I'm now thinking I should get a PT to replace it as I feel that the City is too small for work. I've never tried on a PT and am worried that the east west style might be too wide on me. I've looked through modelling pics on several threads but I couldn't really tell the owners' heights.

    Can part time owners who are about my size post a pic or direct me to a modelling pic? I've also included a pic of my City on me to compare. Thank you!


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  3. Thanks, i_love_yorkie! I've looked through the shorties with biggies thread, but found only works and weekenders. And everyone looks great with their bags. Sadly, I think I'm the exception. I would love to see shorties with Part Times.
  4. that's me with my PTRH anthra S/S 2009
    I am not tall but I do weight more
    sorry for the bad lightning

    I am seriously thinking about getting a camel one and letting this one go.
  5. Am I the exception?? I think u look fabulous with the Work....
  6. I'm 5 feet tall... I will get a pic for you tonight with my PT
  7. I was wondering the same thing last night, I even looked through the courier club to
    find reference. I couldn't decide between the courier and PT.
    I'm 5'0 looking for a big bag for work and school.
    Thank you saff for opening this thread. :tup:

    La française, you look great with the PT,
    I personally prefer anthra PTs over camel, I think you should keep your anthra!!:sweatdrop:

    Can't wait to see your pics, Addy!!
  8. i prefer the PT to the Work because of the shoulder strap. i am not a hand held gal. i am 5' 3" and average weight, and it looks normal. when you hold the PT by the longer strap, it kind of crumples a bit, making it look not as big. *just my opinion* ;)
  9. Here are modeling pics of my Courier (taken pre-weight loss :nuts:):


    Definitely a big bag with lots of space if you are considering it for school

    Sorry to hijack your thread saff - will be back tonight with modeling pics of the PT for you :yes:
  10. Hi Saff,
    I think a pt should be good for you, though I thought the work looks really sharp.
    It just depends if you like large bags or not.
    Hope you find the right style, I am still wondering myself, but I am gona go for the work.
  11. :ty:
  12. Saff: I', 5'2" & lets just say thick boned.. lol and the PT is one of my favorite sizes. This is old pic:


    Chao: I just purchased a courier too (for travel and weekender bag) but with no pics.. lol.... however my sis is 5'4" and she totally rocks it.
  13. Ooogie can you pls post a pic of you and your Automne PT? I'll be waiting... Thanks!
  14. Ladies, you are the best! Thanks so much for your responses. And thank you for saying that the Work looks good on me. Perhaps I'm not use to a large bag.

    La francaise, the PT looks fab on you and I agree with chaoyichien - anthra PT is gorgeous! Don't let it go!

    chaoyichien, you're welcome!

    Addy, can't wait to see your pics. Thank you!

    Swissflower, I'm glad you've made your decision. The Work is a great style and I'm so gutted I'm not going to keep it.

    Civicgirl, thank you! I think Vanessa Hudgens is 5'1" as well. So I'm so happy that she looks amazing with the PT.

    oogiewoogie, thanks for the pic! I'm getting more and more convinced PT is the way to go. And please can you post modelling pic of your Automne PT as it's one of the colours I'm going for.