Petite or xxs leather jackets?

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  1. Anyone know where I could find one? I'll be shopping in downtown Toronto and Maryland, MD. Or maybe, maybe online stores.

    I was thinking Mike&Chris because I've heard they run small, but I saw a thread on here that said they run true to size to kind of big.:confused1:
  2. Actually measurements of a Mike&Chris xs would be so amazing! ;)
  3. I agree with mmnq
  4. There is a complete petite line on that includes some leather jackets too.
  5. Thanks! Will check it out. :smile:
  6. Mackage does xxs
  7. Don't forget that Mackage and Soia&Kyo leather jackets come in XXS!
  8. I have a real small frame and Soia & Kyo jackets in xxs do the trick for me.
  9. Mike and Chris run very small, so you should be good with that brand. Whoever told you they run big must be tiny, because I usually wear a size small and I can barely get my arms into some of those small M&C jackets!
  10. mackage xxs does the trick... i find mike & chris xs more in between mackage xxs and xs.
  11. has really small sizes in their leather jackets. I'm usually an XS and I have a size 8 leather jacket (which is not their smallest size) and I'd say the bust is about a 32. If you get a size 6 it will probably be around a 30-31 bust.
  12. Thanks so much everyone!!

    I will definitely check out Mackage and Soia&Kyo.

    Anymore recommendations, reviews, experiences, etc. are always welcome. :smile:
  13. If you are in Toronto, try Danier Leather. I know it's not "designer" like Mackage but they are quality jackets and they are haveing a 50% off EVERY JACKET in their stores now. They have as small as XXXS which is what I wear and it's equivalent to a Mackage XXS.

    I got a cute jacket on the weekend for only $99
  14. Thanks! I won't be in Toronto until next winter, but I will definitely check out their winter sales. $99 is an amazing price, considering the last time I was there, I saw a jacket for $188.

    Honestly, it doesn't really matter to be if the jacket is designer. As long as it 1) fits well and 2) doesn't look like I borrowed it from my mother. The curse of looking like a 14 year old. :tdown::P