petite noe

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  1. hey guys, i need a new handbag and i was thinking about the petite noe, but i can't find it on elux. there is a LV store about 2 hours away and i'm going to go there to buy it because its so fun to see all the purses, but i was just wondering if you know about how much a petite noe in mono costs. TIA!
  2. $520 I might be off a little, it could be $540
  3. $720 U.S. for Mono Petite Noe and $900 for Mono Noe.
  4. Maybe that's the price for the Mini Noe? The Petite Noe is $720 U.S. - I just bought one in December. (Love it!)
  5. Mono Mini Noe is $585 U.S. - just saw it on e-lux.
  6. [​IMG] Louis Vuitton
    Mini Noé