Petite Noe`

  1. For some reason this bag happens to be in my mind today...does anyone pics they can show me wearing it or anytime a pic...i think i want one!!!!
  2. correction: does anyone have pics or any type of pics of it (wow i was way off be4 haha)
  3. i'm looking for the same thing.... didn't see any good ones in the visual aids...
  4. Here is a couple of pics. HTH.


    petitnoe.JPG petit_noe.JPG
  5. Here is a pic of how much petit noe fits (speedy 25 is inside):

  6. oooohhhh.... love the mono! :drool: i officially DO want one! can it be worn across the body?
  7. Thank you very much for the pics, LV_Addict! I had no idea the Petite Noe was that roomy.
  8. I can't fit it across the body.
  9. And that is why I own 2 PN's today! (mono and black epi)

    Irene is the QUEEN (bows down)

    And yes....they DO look that good on!

    I LOVED my Petit Noe's....LOVE them:heart: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. Any time, bchleo! :flowers:
  11. i'm going to guess that the strap doesn't extend as far as it looks???
  12. Jazz, you crack me up!!! Thank you, my dear friend!!!:love:
  13. The strap in the pics is extended to the max.
  14. wow, so it's mainly a shoulder bag? still awesome, though! i can't decide if i should opt for that or something else. i love the way it looks being worn, though! so, it extends from handbag to shoulderbag? or is it just mainly a shoulderbag?
  15. PN is a shoulder bag. I think if you like the look of it but not exactly sure, get a nice pre-loved PN from eBay and see how you like it. I got mine for $400.00 or something like that and, to be honest, probably THE BEST $400.00 I ever spent!!! I LOVE this bag dearly!!! It's my everyday/throw around bag. Rain, shine, any time!:wlae:
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