petite noe- why do you like it? (or not?)

The darn strap will not stay up on my shoulder, but I love it anyway.
For some reason it looks really classic especially now that it's older with a great patina.
It holds a ton and looks great. You can get them for a great price if you get a slightly used one. Visit the Noe clubhouse and you will see lots of them being modeled. I love mine.
I don't have the petit noe, but I can tell you that I love the large noe! The noes (large or petit) tend to hold a lot because they're unstructured. There's only one strap and I've not a problem with falling straps. The thickness is what I think makes it light even if you put a lot in.

There are a couple drawbacks. The drawstring can make it hard to get in and out of (although I don't find this a problem for me, esp. when you compare this to the open-top buckets). And--this isn't a problem for me either but--it's just one compartment, making it hard to keep your things organized. I solve this problem by using cosmetic cases and pouches!
I LOVE:heart: my Petit Noes. (I have black epi and mono)

  1. They hold a ton.
  2. I've tied mines so I don't have to untie to get in (like the black one)
  3. I can clip things on the handles (celly, car starter...for push button start cars, black MC cles)
  4. They look great and classic
I just got a red epi petit noe on Tuesday. I have been gushing on this forum about it ever since, so forgive me if you've read all that I'm about to say. It never falls off my shoulder and it is a gorgeous color and style. It holds a ton and charms look good hanging off it. It's a very casual style, so I don't think it will be perfect for EVERY occasion, but for most. I don't find it bothersome, but the drawstring is different from other bags. But, on a very positive drawstring note, you can tie it very tight so it's almost completely closed on top. My leather drawstring is new, so it's a little stiff, but it will get softer with use. You should definitely go try one on if you can. I can't believe how much I love it. Two big thumbs up!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
Holds a ton, so its perfect for shopping
Not a big deal getting into it so thats good.
I find it will slide off my shoulder, you get used to it.
Love the shape and size of the petit
Not everyone is carrying one.

Forgot to mention that! I've NEVER seen a noe IRL, until I saw mine...everybody has PHs, buckets, almas, speedys, cabas pianos, and bhs.
i've never seen one in IRL...but...i have a feeling it's too big for me...i've never appreciated the shape of the noe until i got my mini one..but that was definitely too day i hope to get one!
My very first LV bag was a Noe in monogram-that was a very popular style in the 1980s, before Louis Vuitton got so many lines and was only bringing new bags on the market from time to time, very different from today. It is very big and shortly afterwards I fell in love with the petit Noe because the form is cuter and it is still big.
I tend to pack a lot of stuff in my bags (always a book, agenda, pochette, glasses, purse, shawl), and I recently discovered that it is easier to carry and does not hurt my back as much as when I carry my full packed baggy pm.
The leather will soften and then the shoulder strap is not so easily falling off the shoulder, at least not from mine.
I think it is really a gorgeous bag and as you do not see it as much as 15 years ago it is even more interesting, very classic but humorous, if that makes sense...
i used to think noe was such an 80s design but i'm definitely starting to see its appeal now. i was watching this korean show where one of the extras in an elevator scene was carrying a mono noe while wearing a suit. it looked breathtaking. petit noe is defintely going to be my next purchase!