Petite Noe shoulder strap?

  1. Hi I'm pretty new-ish to the Purse Forum. I have a Petite Noe in the Monogram Canvas that my sister gave to me a couple of years ago. I don't use it that much since I don't care much stuff. But I'm sure I would wear it more often if I got a shoulder strap that I could put on the Petite noe. I want to wear the noe across my body. Any thoughts our comments? (please include pics if possible)

    Thanks everybody;)
  2. anyone?
  3. Doesn't the petite noe have a strapped attached to it?
  4. Have you looked in the visual aids thread? I always wear mine on the shoulder so I can't really help you.
  5. I saw a girl on the street the other day and she was wearing a petite noe and she had it across her body. Maybe I saw a fake in the end.
  6. yes I had the same question before I think the one u can wear across you body (if you are thin) is the normal noe but if you have the petit haven't you tried it across your body already??
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