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  1. is louis vuitton petite malle is made from italy and the stamp date code is italy also???
  2. Yes, the Petite Malle is made in Italy as well as France and the date code would be respective of that particular piece's country of origin.
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  3. thank you miss krys.. because i purchased one petite malle online and i have it check in one of lv shop here in mid east and they told me that petite mall only have datecode of france and they dont have italy... that is why i post my querries here to enlighten my doubts.. thank you..
  4. I confirm: it's definitely Italy and France.
    At first it was only France but the demand is so high that they also make them at the Italian manufacture. Congrats on your beautiful new bag!
  5. thank you.. at least now i confirmed that my bag is authentic...
  6. Did you buy via the Louis Vuitton website?
  7. A location of manufacture or date code isn't enough to determine authenticity alone. Unless you purchased from the LV website directly, or even a highly reputable re-seller site such as Yoogi's Closet or Fashionphile (even they will make the occasional error), then it's always worth it to have a third-party authenticator look at it just to give you peace of mind. Counterfeits can be exceptional these days...
  8. actually i purchased it on a preloved online shop that sells mostly branded items... then when i brought it to LV shop near our place just because the date code says from italy they concluded that it is a fake one and told me that petite malle are all made from france and date code as well.. and not italy...
  9. The SAs at the store were incorrect in saying that the Petite Malle isn't made in Italy (for most it's just a job, nothing more, although there are some who are truly knowledgeable and passionate) but it would still be worth having your bag authenticated. It can be done so here (please read the requirements on page 1 carefully) or through a paid third-party such as CarolDiva or Authenticate4U. Like I said, some reseller sites, even the most reputable, can get it wrong now and then and then there's some (i.e. Portero) which have a very track record indeed.
  10. thank you so much.. that will be a big help.. i will do that and will update once it is done.. thanks again
  11. Definitely get the bag authentificated. The Petite Malle is heavily counterfeited.
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