Petite ladies carrying Venetias - too big?

  1. First of all; I apologize if a similar tread exists already - search is still disabled.

    Here's the thing; I'm 5'' and constantly drooling over other peoples Venetias, but I'm not sure if it would be too big for me (no stores here selling them, so I can't go fondle!).

    I would appreciate it a great deal if some of you fellow petite ladies could help me out and post pics of you wearing your Venetias.

  2. i think it's too big for me. but i am 5'4"... but only 95 lbs. =x

    if you are a healthier weight than me, it will probably be okay though =)
  3. I've heard that more petite girls think that the Venetia is too big for them. But then again, some girls like big bags. It's all a matter of personal preference. If you like the bag, then you can definitely work it!
  4. I am 5' 3" and I carry a venetia and I am very small boned. I love the bag and think I look fine with it!!
  5. I love the venetia. not too big at all, just like me! I'm only about 5"1. I like that I can carry her on my shoulder or in the crook of my arm. I'll try to post a pic for size ref if I can get my old camera to's been on the fritz these days...
  6. Thanks for all your input. Looking forward to pics!
  7. NO WAY!!! I'm exactly 5ft. and I LOVE IT!!! Then again, i love me some big bags but i really like it and it is a bit heavy overall but its still really nice and doesn't look too overwhelming on my frame...IMPO. :yes: I have two, Rose Quartz and Black . I'm a size 2 as well so, i think it looks just fine. I'll send you a pic later cause i look pretty bad on Sundays. "lazy Sunday" :sleepy:
  8. ^Great, can't wait!

    I'm also looking quite grubby this particular afternoon..! ;)
  9. I think the bag is big, but because it is carried as a satchel in the hand rather than on the arm, it doesn't look as overwhelming as it could on a petite person. If that makes any sense. :smile:
  10. ^That totally makes sense. :yes:

    Pics anyone? Pretty please! :angel:
  11. Sorry the pics are so late...anyway, here i am w/ my venetia rose quartz :smile:
    DSC02128.JPG DSC02131.JPG DSC02139.JPG DSC02140.JPG
  12. mamimeow, thank you so much! I think you're right, it does not look overwhelming on you. :smile:

    I'm SO getting one..!