Petite ladies - 5'4" and under...what's your favorite size for a classic flap?

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  1. I'm 5'2" and am considering a medium or jumbo. Do you think the jumbo is overwhelming on a petite frame?
  2. personally I'm having the same issue... I'm 5'3 and keep going back and forth. I tried the jumbo and it doesn't look HUGE but it's casual and you can only wear it as a double strap. I'm leaning towards the M/L because it can be casual or formal and it can be worn with a single strap as well :smile:
  3. M/L for sure. The jumbo is overwhelming on my petite 5'1.5" frame!
  4. M/L more versatile. Jumbo with its boxy shape looks even more huge. I am 5'3". M/L looks much better on me.
  5. Reissues in 226 or 227 are my favorites. They are less boxy than a Jumbo and have a shorter strap drop so they fit my frame better. I do have a few Jumbos, but they feel somewhat big on me. I have been contemplating a m/l. I love the size, but am a little concerned about capacity of the bag for a day bag. That is why a 226 or 227 is perfect!
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  6. m/l or maxi, jumbo is too bulky in my very own opinion :P
  7. I have the jumbo and have no problems :smile: I'm 5'2
  8. I am 5'4" and I've always wanted a jumbo... however, when I finally tried it on, it overwhelmed me.... and m/l on the other hand was too small... so i decided to go with reissue 226... just perfect! :balloon:
  9. I'm 5'3" and the M/L flap is the one that fits me best. One day I will find the courage to pay the money for it :smile:
  10. I had a jumbo had a maxi I thought they were all too big, cuz I'm not a big bag person... I'm 5'4 I like my mini the most but I never had a ML maybe I'll like it too
  11. I am 5'3, I tried the Jumbo, it looked so bulky and big on me, so I chose the M/L
  12. If you're looking for the "perfect size" bag, the m/l is definitely a better option. I'm 5'2 too and the chain is just right single or double strapped. However, it is very very small inside so on a normal basis I do prefer the jumbo. I'll briefly list the pros and cons of what I think of both.

    M/L - Pros:
    +perfect size for petite gals
    +elegant especially paired with formal clothes
    +light weight
    +looks great single strap, double strap, and a clutch

    M/L - Cons:
    -very small (can only fit a wallet, phone, lipstick, and keys)

    Jumbo - Pros:
    +very roomy
    +looks great with casual wear
    +looks very chic especially on petite girls
    +great everyday bag
    +well worth it for the price

    Jumbo - Cons:
    -can be quite attention catching
    -looks awkward single strapped
    -too big for a clutch

    This is my opinions only. Hope it helps! :smile:
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    I"m 5'2 and have both M/L and Jumbo. I personal have no issues with M/L as it is the PERFECT size. For my Jumbo, I don't think I have any problems AFTER I shorten my chain and ordered a Jumbo in BLACK (but not any eye popping color)... =)
  14. 5'3" and I rock my jumbo. M/L doesn't hold much at all ;-(
  15. I'm 5'4 and I have personally prefer my jumbo over my m/l!!! The size is great, I don't think it overwhelms me and roomy! The m/l I constantly have to keep sorting to make stuff fit. I wear my jumbo both day and night. I don't think it's too much. I also love the 227 but I'm both a small and big bag person. You can rock your jumbo at night too so it's very versatile!!