Petite girls - I'm starting to wish I got a mono speedy 30 instead of a mono 25

  1. Okay so back in June I had this huge 25 or 30 debate and ultimately decided ont he 25 as I am super super petite. I wasnt sure for a while but eventually it got to a point where I would see people carrying the 30 and I would think (and i dont mean to offend anyone, it was just my personal opinion) 'gosh, that looks really big on them, too big; they wouldve been better off with a 25' (and of course there were people who looked great in the 30) I felt relieved that i did make the right decision.

    Now, its several months later and I sure feel like a nut case because ive been having that 30/25 debate again!!! The 25 is a little hard to get in and out of. And I kind of wish I could just throw my sweatshirt in there instead of have to carefully stuff it in. And the hand/arm carrying is a little annoying so I sometimes want to chuck my bag. In pictures, the 25 sometimes looks good but other times it looks super small. The 25 in azur looks like a good size because it looks bigger than the mono 25. I wish I had a mono 30 and azur 25. Azur in 30 looks WAY too big on me but I might be able to make a mono 30 work. I know that if I was 5'4 + a size 30 would be prefect but considering my 5'0/5'1 size, is it a bad idea to want a mono in 30? Im so indecisive! I need help/advice please. :shrugs:
  2. The only way I was able to solve the same problem was to buy both (I have mono in 25 & 30 and Damier in 25). I love my mono 30 (especially for days when I'm carrying a lot). Other days, I much prefer the 25 - sags less, for going out - that kind of thing (a little more fun cause it's not quite so big). I felt silly at first having both in mono - but I find now I really like it. I wouldn't be happy with one or the other by itself because my moods are so changeable - but I do love having both.
  3. i have a 30 and 25 and i am 5'1". the 25 looks more proportional with my frame and the 30, although slightly big, is ok if i don't have a purseket in it...
  4. The 30 is calling you...
    Keep the 25 and get another Speedy in a 30. :yes:

    I have one of each and I'm 5'2" (without heels) and a little taller on weekdays.

    A girl can never have two, I mean, too many Speedys. ;)

    P.S. I think I read your screen name right... I like mochi's too. :p
  5. I have the 25 in the damier azur and the 30 in the white multicolor. I love them both. I like to use the 25 as an everyday bag...but the 30 is awsome when I go on interisland trips n stuff. Having one of each size is a very good thing:biggrin:
  6. I had that debate too when I went to get one. I finally choose the 30 because it was more practical. I'm only 5'2 but it looks fine on me. The speedy 25 looks slightly small in the mono. In the future I want to get a 25 in azur though.
  7. Well, I'm 5'1, and I actually think my 30 looks better on me than my 25. I'm short, but not super petite. Kinda more on the average size. Today I carried my cerises 25 for the first time and I liked it. It was cute. But I was missing the easy in/out of my 30. It was fun for something different though. It's nice to have both!
  8. The problem with the rather small opening would be solved if you buy the 30, but you mentioned that you do have a problem with the handheld thing sometimes-in that case I would think about a not too big shoulder bag to rotate with the speedy. Do not worry too much about how you look with the 25, the only people that are looking not so good with it are in my opinion people who are very tall and if you are petite it probably comes down to personal liking. Have you thought about a classic shoulder bag like the petite noe? Still not too big for your frame and you could easily chuck a sweater into it!
  9. I am 5'1 and just got my Speedy 25 this week. I absolutely love it. It is the perfect size for me. I knew that the 30 was just going to be too "big" for me. Maybe as suggested, you can try to get the 30 in something else such as Epi or MC.
  10. Yup, I think I totally get what you mean! :yes: They are both perfect in their own way and the only way to get rid of this 25 vs 30 dilemma is to get both. :yes: :p I had the same thing happened to me too. Got the 25 coz EVERYONE is telling me 30 looks like a luggage on me. Few days later, went to exchange the 25 for the 30. Felt better but I think sometimes I might need a smaller bag... :p So after some time, I got a cerises in 25 coz it just seem like a perfect size for such a cute design. And now I'm totally contented with that.

    I think the 30 only looks huge when it's being compared to the 25. When you are used to carrying it for some time, it's not huge at all. Even on girls with petite frame like you and me. ;)
  11. im only 5"3. but i feel that damier 25 fits me so much better than the 30. because im very very petite, it looks like the bag is carrying me instead of me carrying the bag.

  12. I wouldn't worry about the size of the bag compared to your height. What are you going to put inside the bag? If you carry alot of stuff with you like I do, then the Speedy 30 will work alot better than a 25.

    I had both and just recently sold my 25 since it was too small for my needs. My Speedy 30 (I have two!) is great because it fits everything I lug around plus I can roll up a thin jacket and stuff it into the 30.
  13. I had that debate too back when I got mine (and I'm 5'6! lol) and went with a 30, thank God. I think at first the bag seems too big, but that quickly goes away. I have seen the 30 on many petite girls and it looks great!
  14. That was my problem with the 25, the opening is narrow and I had a hard time getting in and out. The 30 is big at first, but I quickly got used to it. I know how you feel.
  15. I love the monogram speedy 30.