Petite girls.. Help pls!

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  1. I have to buy some business casual (whatever that means). Can you sweet ladies introduce me of where I could get them? I am still in the U now, so I can't exactly afford expensive clothes --- yet. hehehe. It is mostly for meetings, organized by a club, with the big 4 accounting firms. Yes, I am majoring in accounting. :shame:

    So here is the problem. I am barely 5 feet. (152cm) And I weigh a little less than 95 lbs. I tried EXPRESS, their pants sized 0 short, but it's still a little too big for me. I tried Banana Republic's Petite 0 too, and they are too big as well. :crybaby:

    Is there anywhere I can get proper pants? And.. can you ladies post pictures of what business casual is about? And the difference between business casual and business proffesional?

    I think I went to the last 2 meetings dressed like an idiot. :yucky:

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. Express has lovely ones in petite sizes. I love the Editor Pant and a twinset for business casual.
  3. Banana Republic sells 00 petite online..might want to try those if the 0's are too big.
  4. Have you tried Ann Taylor petites? I buy tons of casual clothes there.
  5. Actually express are too big for me even the zeros. Theory fits great everywhere for me in a zero but you would need to shorten the pants.
  6. How about Club Monaco? I think their 0s should be a little smaller than BR or Express, but you will still have to shorten the pants. You may also have some luck with Benetton or Sisley (Sisley uses better materials). I know they carry suits (skirt suits and pant suits) and make them more fitted than American brands. Hope this helps!!
  7. Seriously, you should consider getting your pants custom made. I think all the above suggestions would be too large for you.

    Also, have you considered getting a skirt suit? It's more conservative, better for interviews.... For these meetings, you can just wear the skirt with a conservative button down or sweater twin set. (Business professional is a full suit, whereas business casual is trousers or a skirt, wool, worn without with jacket, for the most part.)
  8. thanks TammyD, I tried Express but it didn't seem to work. :crybaby: I guess I would have to try Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and Club Monaco.

    Minnie, I checked Theory out in Shopbob. They pieces are georgeous.. but wayyyy out of my range. :wtf:

    Sonya, do you know how much it would cost get pants custom made? :confused1: I dont think I can wear a skirt though. It is fall in seattle, and the wind is really strong sometimes. I wore plain working pants (tht was too big) today and i was freezing. thanks though.

    Thanks for the suggestion ladies. I guess there's some shopping for me to do this weekend! :angel:
  9. Sorry, no idea how much it would cost. It depends on the tailor. Maybe you could get it down in Chinatown, if there is one in Seattle. Pick high quality fabrics....
  10. Your best bet for pants will be to channel your Inner Stacy and Clinton and buy the ones that come closest to fitting you, especially the largest part of your body, whether that be waist or hips, etc., then take them to a Place and have them taken in to fit the rest of you, and of course, hemmed.

    Talk to the tailor first to get an idea of their prices for taking in this or that, shortening, etc, so that you can budget the cost of these alterations into the total cost of the pants - just as you would shipping charges if you were buying something online!

    Because precisely what constitutes "Business Casual" is such a subjective concept, and generally reflects whatever one or two peoples' notion of it is, an effective strategy is to observe what other people who are part of that group, or work for that company, etc. are wearing, and best of all will be if you can observe the person or persons who determined that the dress would be "Business Casual," as again, the definition is in the minds of he or she who made the policy!

    Pay careful attention to how those policy-makers are clothed, and let your own outfit be Inspired by theirs. ;)
  11. i buy my dress pants at h&m. size 2 in divided! you have to take up the bottoms but that's a piece of cake.
  12. Ann Taylor Loft has some nice petite stuff for business casual attire. Also, try the Victoria's Secret catalog or website! Most of their pants come in short/petite lengths as well.