Petite Girls and Big Bags

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  1. I usually tend to stray away from bigger bags, i'm 5'1 and 110 lbs and I usually feel like most roomy bags make me look like a child playing dress up. Does anyone else feels like this?
  2. To each their own, but personally, I believe bags just like everything else in your wardrobe, should compliment our figures. All should be taken into consideration: strap length, an east-west vs vertical bag, it should be occasion appropriate and of course it should serve its purpose (nano bags can be cute, but if I don’t have at least a pocket to put my phone and that bag is unflattering on me, it won’t have a place in my closet).
    I think if the proportions are right, everyone has a maximum and a minimum bag size they can wear before they start to look unflattering. What that is only you will know when you try them on
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  3. I'm 5'3 and heavier than the OP. So it's not just about height. I also have a curvier figure so that I don't get "lost" next to the bag. Do have a funny story: I l once carried a large Coach duffle to work and my co-worker told me that I looked like I was running away from home! LOL.
    If I need to carry a larger bag, I do. Since I don't have a car and rely on mass transit, I end up carrying more things than someone who is taking their car. When it comes to real life, I don't think the rules are written in stone.
  4. I'm 5'2" and just under 100 lbs and I love big bags. There's limit of course and shape is a consideration (hobos for the most part, anything too east west looks ridiculous). Most of my bags are north/south and unstructured. Strap length is also a consideration as even a small bag on a too long strap looks wrong, at least on me. Its all about proportion rather than size IMHO.
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  5. I am petite and I have some bigger bags. Honestly, sometimes a smaller bag just looks too small. You have to try on the bag and see what is right for your figure. Petite girls are not all built the same way. I had to return a Louis Vuitton Alma BB because it looked ridiculously small. I have a Hermès Kelly 35 which is usually too large for most people. But I usually wear 4 or 5 inch heels, am large in the boobish area, and small everywhere else, so larger bags sometimes work for me. There is, however, a limit. A big hobo is not flattering on me. I probably don’t need a bag that big anyway though.
  6. I tend to agree with @blondissima777’s comments. Handbags are no different than coats, boots, hats, etc. IMHO they should
    scale to the size of the wearer. The only obvious expeditions being when size is necessary for function. A teeny person still needs a laptop bag or suitcase big enough to fit their functional contents. And a big person may way to wear a teeny bag for ease.

    That being said, my DD is 5’ tall and slender (she’s an active runner / weight trainer with very small bones) and she looks great in a number of bags that I see other petite girls say are too much - like Chanel Jumbos or totes roomy enough to carry a laptop, change of clothing and extras.

    So, I think bag size is about the bag, the person, their taste and their confidence.

    Wear what looks good on you. ‘Nuff said.
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  7. I'm 5' 110 and I love big bags! I don't know how it really looks, but I think I look great haha!
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    I am very petite i prefer nothing bigger than a medium sized bag, i want to wear the bag not the other way 'round lol.

    Of coarse no actual "laws" on it, folks wear what they please but i definitely lean on the smaller side for bags even a medium sized bag looks bigger on me ... many crossbodies wouldn't even shorten enough to wear comfortably either.
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  9. I am 5ft2 and I tend to prefer small to medium bags. I have started to toy with mini bags too, although it depends on what I am carrying. I tend to avoid big bags or totes as I feel they look oversized on me.
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