Petite Girl Looking for Mono-Shoulder Bag!

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  1. Hello all!

    Well, as you may recall, I was looking for a mono shoulder bag and had narrowed it down to the Galliera or the Monty. Well, scratch those options!

    I spent almost 45-mins in LV going back and forth btwn the two, before I finally decided that neither was pefect for me.:wacko: I think I really annoyed the SA and it was terribly busy on the day I visited so I didn't want ask to try-on everything on the store! LOL!!

    I like the style of the galliera - it hangs beautifully, but my dislikes are the brass plate and the more casual "boho" style. Also, I can't dress it up in my mind. The monty, though casual and also work appropriate, just didn't do it for me 100%. It's too plain and I wasn't jazzed on the thinner straps. I also tried the Artsy but that bag was WAY to wide a the bottom for my liking and the strap didn't hang right on my shoulder and the bag was right-up under my armpit, which I didn't find that comfortable at all.

    With that said, NO to the Artsy, Monty, and Galliera.

    I am again, on a mission to find perfect shoulder bag!

    I'm petite (only 5'-tall) and of average weight. I want a bag I can wear everyday to the office, yet also wear comfortably on the weekends while shopping (my Speedy is a nightmare to shop with!).

    I do want a mono bag - I know that. I was thinking the Trivoli PM, but it doesn't seem to fit on the shoulder, right? I did try on the GM during my last LV visit but it was HUGE on me, like luggage, LOL. I don't want anything larger than a Speedy 30.

    Does the Palermo PM fit on the shoulder? Seems like a nice a bag - dressy enough for work, yet casual for the weekend. I think the handles (from what I see in pics). The HB was also nice but still not "sassy" enough for my liking.

    Does anyone have any input, thoughts or better yet pics to share on a shoulder bag? I'm sure there are styles out there I'm not aware of, being a newbie to LV. I'm very interested in what you petite gals carry.

    Thanks again!!!
  2. Palermo PM will be a good option - you can always use the shoulder strap. Other options to consider may be BH/BV and Tulum. Do you like the petit noe?
  3. What about the batignolles horizontal! I think everyone should have one of those in their collection!!
  4. I am 5'2 and have the palermo pm, I have no issues with it fitting on my shoulder but with two kids I do use it as a crossbody bag more. I love that i can use it during the day and fit everything in it that I need as a crossbody and use it at night as a hand held bag when I go out with my hubby.
  5. Palermo PM!
  6. I'm 5' as well. I have a Batignolles Horizontal & I love it. Have you considered it as an option? There's a Batignolles club thread, you should check out pics!
  7. love the palermo !
  8. I'm very tiny and love the Tulum PM for a nice shoulder bag.
  9. Palermo PM could be the one for you!
  10. What about the Stresa PM or Totally MM? I have the Totally MM and love it for school and work. I tried the Stresa PM on recently and love that as well, but I just bought an Alma so I can't get that anytime soon. Oh and for reference I'm 4"11 and 120lbs.
  11. I like the Thames PM, it is a more structured Galliera but much smaller.
    It does have a brass plate, so that might turn you off.
    It is a smallish bag, but it fits more than one would think.
    Last time I tried it, I fit a pair of sunglasses (without the box), my phone, cles, mini agenda, a really small book, + a knit scarf and a few other small makeup thingys.
    Like the Galliera, it's very comfortable on the shoulder and you can dress it up or down.
    I love it in both mono and damier.
    I'm also 5'0, size 0. I prefer the PM. The GM's bottom was too wide on my small frame.
    Hope this helps. Good luck searching!
  12. I am so disappointed that the Monty didn't work for you. I have it in the GM and love it!

    I totally agree with your statement: "I like the style of the galliera - it hangs beautifully, but my dislikes are the brass plate and the more casual "boho" style. Also, I can't dress it up in my mind." You are right--I owned the Galliera and tried to get beyond my distaste for the plate and the fact that it just didn't look as great with my dressed up work style. (In fact, right now I have had my heart set on the Artsy for my next bag and after trying it on with my work clothes I am thinking that Artsy won't work for me.)

    Charleston-Mom is suggesting the Tulum...I am not sure the boutiques still have it. You may want to try it.

    I would also suggest the Beverly MM. I almost got it but ended up buying the Monty GM, since I like to have lots of room inside my everyday bags! Beverly MM is gorgeous.
  13. i have the Batignolles vertical and love it. i tried also the palermo pm and it fits my shoulder perfectly. we're about the same height. :smile:
  14. I like Thames... and palermo pm... but I don't think palermo pm could be ass dressed up as thames... :smile: Thames is a tiny bag but its lovely and a more 'refined' version of galliera.
    I have the Tivoli PM... but its more of a hand-bag then a shoulder bag, that being said, I CAN fit it onto the shoulder if I want, but I don't prefer it. because i don't want to squish the beautiful pleats... but if you're really petite it could work.
  15. Batignolles Horizontal! Try it, it's so comfy and lightweight!