Petite Frustration!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a shortie (5'1'') who struggles to find petite clothes that don't look like something my grandmother would wear. To make things easier I've come to do almost all of my work clothes shopping at Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic because I know that I'll be able to find something that fits (I still have to get the pants tailored) there.

    What are some other brands to try? I've been disappointed in BR's quality lately and I've found that a lot of the Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor loft suits are a little on a cheap side.

    I'd like to try something a little more high end but am completely turned off by the petite sections at places like Nordstrom's and Bloomingdales. It's so old ladies who lunch (IMHO). I've checked out some of the bridge lines but it doesn't appear that they always have petites.

  2. Sometimes Talbots has some more updated clothing pieces with lower waists and flares. Macy's has INC which is cute and petite. For casual clothes sometimes I get short skirts from J Crew ( they are the right lenth on us petites) Good luck.
  3. I have to buy petite pants to get the right length. I, too, rely on Ann Taylor Loft. However, I also recommend Gap - their "short" length is just right for my 5'3" frame.
  4. Jennifer, first of all can I say that I'm not related to this seller in any shape or form although I've been an admirer from afar of her clothing for months (seen them online). But please do check out the excellent feedback on her work, and if you wish, contact her to custom make one piece of clothing. She's going on vacation soon.



    organic hemp ruffled top


    Wide strap top/dress


    burgundy A line shirt


    brown 3/4 sleeve top


    thumbhole top


    burgundy slit sleeve

  5. I'm petite too and I buy a lot of Ann Taylor myself. I'm 5'0". I recently found a lot of stuff at White House Black Market too. When I buy jeans I usually just have to have them hemmed.
  6. Does White House Black Market have petite sizes? I looked online and they have size 0 but I'm not sure if it's on the petite side or not.

    I'm 5'0" also and buy a lot of Theory, I love their fabric, it drapes really well.
  7. Macys has INC which is cut in petite but I think the quality isn't very good - a lot of polyester/spandex. In general most Macys have a decent sized petites section.

    Gap and Old Navy both have petite sections. Since they are owned by the same company as Banana Republic you are bound to see similar quality but they aren't as pricey.

    JCrew sells petites.

    I know you said you didn't like the Nordstrom petites section but a lot of their house brands (i.e., classiques, halogen, etc.) from the other departments are available in petite online and in the stores. Halogen is from TBD which is a younger dept. that sells Sevens, Juicy, etc.

    I've had good luck with a brand called Trina Turk. Nordstrom sells it. It's not petite but I'm only 5'4" and I haven't had to alter a lot of her stuff - only the dress pants.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.
  8. I've had the same gripe for about 15 years now! It's tough to find stylish work clothes in Petite sizes. One thing I'm loving right now is the trend toward boxy or swing 3/4 sleeve jackets. I can usually wear "regular" sizes in these. Lately my style has evolved to include very basic pants and tops from either Ann Taylor, Talbots, Banana Republic or Nordstroms, and to use jackets (Theory and Forth & Towne) to pump up the style factor. Also, I've found you can also use accessories (bags, shoes, jewelry, scarves) to "trendify" very simple, basic clothing styles.
  9. i think white house black market are not that petite. im exactly 5 ft and a lot of their tops are too big for me :sad: i like their clothes though.. if only they have size 00 or something.

    i didnt know ann taylor had petite clothes. ill try them sometime.. :smile:
  10. Not all Ann Taylors have a big selection of petite clothes, my local Ann Taylor is pretty limited in their selection but the one that's 20 miles away from me has a bigger selection.

    Ann Taylor online has a sale right now as well :yes:
  11. You need to find a good tailor. I'm 5'2" and I've gotten frustrated by the limited (but nice) selection at Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and Talbots. I love Theory and now just bite the bullet and get things altered. Theory runs a bit small and if you can get things on sale it helps offset the price of alterations. Saks is reportedly reopening their Petite department which they closed a few years ago (maybe they already have), so this will be a nice option too.
  12. I bought my first theory suit this weekend and just dropped it off at the tailors to be altered. I never tried theory before because I never imagined that it would fit me but it fit beautifully. I've never had a 'normal' size suit so well before.
  13. I'm five feet 0 and bcbg makes clothes that fit me, as well as club monaco and laundry. Actually I have not found any problems finding clothes that don't fit except pants but they always have to be hemmed anyways.
  14. I get a lot of stuff from J. Crew (online). Most of my clothes are casual, but I have a nice suit from there that always gets compliments.
  15. Theory has nice pants, jackets, skirts that go all the way down to size 00. You can always get a tailor to hem the pants up a little, but the fit for petite is there, especially in jackets.
    I also like Diane von Furstenburg wrap dresses, as you can buy the smallest size (0 or 2) then wrap/tie to fit, and again the hemline is easy to raise.
    For casual things, Juicy Couture in size petite. I've had some luck with dresses and tops.