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  1. Hi all,

    I tihnk it would be good to have a thread for us with tiny feet.

    I'm normally a size 34 so I've learnt to live with size 35 shoes that are a very small make.

    However not many stores stock size 34 and 34.5

    Please let us know where you know stocks these tiny sizes :smile:

    I know NM stocks small sizes 34 and 34.5 I'm thinking its certain styles.

    The CL Horatio street boutique stocks 34 and 34.5 for selected styles.

    (Decollette 878 from memory)

    Please let us know if you know any other places that stocks miniture sizes :smile:
  2. This is a good idea, since we have a size 42 thread.
  3. Great thread~ I am a 35.5, and I mostly have to end up with 36s with heel grips ;)
  4. Did anyone notice that there is no 35.5 in Very Noeud? I just ordered the very noeud and my NM SA told me she has it in all sizes but my size, which is 35.5. Getting curious I checked out other online stores, Saks, Barneys, footcandy, matches, mytheresa, browns, and none carry 35.5! I end up ordering 36 and hopefully they will not be too loose on the elastic strap.

    Pepper, normally it is not too hard to find 35.5... all mine are 35.5 except the rolande and decolette. Just call around or a good SA to do so...
  5. Thats strange that the Very Neouds don't come in 5.5.....Mayb they figured it wasn't a big enough difference to justify making one for that model?

    I couldn't find any 34.5's in the Very Neouds so I got a 35..
  6. I saw a pair of size 35.5 Black Patent VP with burgundy tip 70mm at Saks Beverly Hills.