Petite Burberry Trench - Where to get it?

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  1. I'm in the US. And have great difficulty getting a 2P burberry trench.

    Anyone know where I can get it!!!!
  2. Nordstrom online used to have some of the trenches in petites - but I haven't looked lately.

    Or perhaps calll all the Nordstrom's you can and see if anyone has it.

    I found that the classic trench with removable liner ran a size small for me - have you tried the 2P. perhaps a 4P would fit?
  3. FWIW, My SA at Burberry has told me that alterations are included in the cost of the coat so if worst came to worst, I would think you could always have it altered to fit you perfectly even if it wasn't a P. Good luck! I hope you find it.
  4. Oh, I've been searching for a petite (size 0) Burberry trench forever!! Please share this info if anyone knows! TIA!
  5. I bought my at Nordstrom during the anniversary sale. It has the removeable liner, and I found that it ran true to size or slightly big compared to the one that I tried on at the Burberry store in regular! Isn't that strange?!
  6. I tried on a few at nordstroms last month. If your local store does not have your size, they can order it for you with free shipping.
  7. I bought a petite trench in 2 with liner at Nordstrom (petite department). It fit really well, I usually wear 4. Call around!
  8. I like the Ivybridge trench. The size 2 regular runs small. I am 5'3'' 98lbs, and this one fits very nicely.
  9. Burberry has a website that you can order from. Maybe they would have it.

  10. Where can I find "Ivybridge" brand? Do you know if it's available in Toronto? Is the trench very fitted and tailored? (that's how I like it rather than A-line) thanks!
  11. is 2p the smallest? or do they have 0p?