petite and mini noe question....

  1. Does anyone have a side by side comparison of the two? Is there really a difference in how much you can fit in both? I know with mini is handheld (if I were to buy that, how much is a strap?) Would the petite noe fit comfortabley in my shoulder without an extra strap? (say under a down coat?)

    tysm! ;)
  2. Hey. I own a Petite Noe and it fits fine over my shoulder. Bear in mind that the base is square and quite bulky so it would be difficult to put under a coat. Mine is vintage so she holds up to the rain and dosn't ruin like a brand new one would (esp. through the winter season)

    I ahevn't tried the petite noe but it looks tiny. I can fit LOADS into my Petite. The original size noe is huge in real life and dosnt look right as a handbag, i see it as more of a luggage peice.

    Hope this helps!!!
  3. A ton of difference in size.
    a petite noe will hold a speedy 25 on its side and is a shoulder bag,
    the mini noe is hand held but you can add a long strap, and holds on the essentials.

    if you check the link out in my sig,
    Handbag reference thread, how much does that bag hold ? you will see more noe's there...

    here are a few pic's
    [​IMG] petite noe...

    mini noe.jpeg 100_2625.JPG
  4. ty! :biggrin:
  5. That's an adorable picture ... perfect LV ad!
  6. That is the cutest picture EVER!!!!!!! The baby looks so content to be in the bag!!!!
  7. OMG! Love that pic of the baby in the bag!! I know the mini is very small.
  8. OMG thats such a cute pic of the baby!!! awww..