Petit Timeless Tote - PTT or Petit Shopping Tote - PST?

  1. i like them both, please advice...does anyone have both or chose one over the other? and why? thanks! :heart:33
  2. I LOVE the timeless.... its really cute, plus I love the zipper closer. Go for the Timeless tote.
  3. i like the look of the timeless too
  4. Another vote for the timeless
  5. timeless
  6. I love the PST......have two. Zippers damage my watch LOL.
  7. I, personally, prefer the timeless!
  8. Timeless, I like the dimensions a lot better.
  9. i have both and i think i've used the pst more than the timeless tote. it's easier to get things in and out with the pst cause it's open top. i've actually bought a LV pochette to attach to the D-ring inside the pst and put more valuable/smaller items in the pochette.
    i actually like the shape of the timeless tote more, but the practicality of the pst makes me use it more often.
  10. bought the timeless. returned it, i did not find it comfy.:sad: too structured and bulky for me, love the look of it, however.:yes:
  11. just thought of it....the pst sits better on my shoulder compared to the petite timeless tote.
  12. not a big fan of the shopping tote
    so my vote goes to timeless
  13. I just saw a PST yesterday at NM and I fell in love!! It's such a beautiful classic tote!!! I'd go for that one!!!
  14. I like the style of the PST better than the timeless. My mom has the PST and I've borrowed it a couple of times... I think it's an awesome bag. Very functional, and is comfortable on the shoulder. My vote is for the PST!
  15. pst- have it in black with gold h/w and it is really a very practical bag.