petit shopper

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  1. Could someone post a picture of the petit shopper on them so that i could see the size? thanks so much!
  2. i think missbabydolce posted a pic in the Reference Library and if you can't find one by this weekend, I promise I'll post one
  3. that would be great thanks
  4. Sorry for the extremely LATE reply but here's pics!
    49890201710_0_ALB.jpg 50881201710_0_ALB.jpg 76890201710_0_ALB.jpg
  5. WOW! Jen that bag looks amazing on you!
  6. Fabulous!
  7. love that bag Jen!!! :yes:
  8. gorgeous bag jen
  9. thank you clk55girl (I am still loving your puple lambskin!!), Rose (you H ladies are GOOD, I'm slowly getting converted), Heather (we still haven't done lunch with all the other bay area Chanel lovers yet), and allbrandspls (amazing dog!! sooo precious!)

    **please excuse the size sticker on my jeans. all my other pairs were in the wash and I had that pair laying around.
  10. :heart: Nice @ mellojen
    The white petite shopper is kinda hard to come by isnt it?
    BTW i love you pink top:heart:
  11. Looks great on you, Jen!
  12. Thanks for the pic, I think that'll be my next splurge.
  13. Jen, you make every bag you model look like a must-have!!
  14. Wow!!How gorgeous on you!!And seems even quite big...mine looks much smaller on me...:shame: :shame: :flowers:
  15. We definitely still need to do lunch. :drinkup: That would be fun! :smile:
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