petit shopper.....

  1. stole the pic from keykey36(sorry)


    do you think they have this color in the petit
  2. yes they do have it in the petit shopper, but it has been sold out, and maybe a disc. color because i never see it anymore and ive been looking for it with no luck
  3. dangg do they still continue the petit shoppers??
  4. ^ yes.
  5. ^ to what question?
  6. yes its still continued, price this season is 1095
  7. plus there is more colors this season
  8. Actually, keykey36's is a Grand Shopper, not the Petit.

    Edited to say I later noticed you were asking about the color.
  9. i have to get this for christmas!!!
  10. ^^ the color looks different
  11. it's because of flash in the photography..........
  12. i love the grand shopper. i have petit and grand, and i LOVE the grand. it's well...soooo grand!! haha! lol! but it's true!
  13. ^^ Lmao