Petit or Large Noe

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  1. I generally carry a satchel bag as carrying a shoulder bag everyday bothers my back. I really want a LV shoulder bag and as I will only carry it every so often I was thinking about buying a pre-loved Epi Noe on ebay.
    I am not sure which size to purchase. I tend to carry the following size items in my bag:
    Envelope Wallet
    Large Makeup Case or Mini Pochette
    Key Case
    Larger Eyeglass Case
    I am 5'5 and 135 lbs. What do you ladies think.

    How heavy are these bags. My epi 30 speedy is pretty light so I assume not too bad

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I would petit Noe. It should fit every thing you mentioned with no problem. The bag is fairly light but the straps are a bit hard at first. That's why I passed on it, but now wish I hadn't. I like my bags to be brand new, but if you trust the seller and prefer epi go for it. Leather will be a bit heavier though. Good luck with your decision.
  3. I have an epi petit noe and I think all those things would fit. I think the large noe's are TOO large...almost look big enough for a gym bag.
  4. the GM looks more casual while a black PM would look good enough for a dinner IMO
  5. i have a mono petit noe and i love it. it fits everything i need and more. its one of the best bags ever.

    it can fit everything you mentioned, and MORE
  6. I love the petit noe -- the large is too big for me.
  7. I prefer the look of the regular Noe. I have the petite Noe and I really wish I had bought the regular Noe before it was discontinued.
  8. go large!! i love mine =)
    It is actually not THAT huge.. haha! and i'm 5'2!!
  9. I prefer the look of the larger noe, especially since you can carry it cross body !
  10. Petit Noe, if your things would fit. Large Noe might be too heavy. I have a epi petit noe and it already feels heavy on my shoulders when I carry it for the whole afternoon.
  11. i have both, and they're not heavy at all! unless you are carrying a lot of heavy things in it. ;p

    i say large b/c it's casual and holds a ton. well, i tend to carry lots of crap and i feel the petit is small-ish.
  12. Petit. It looks more chic and elegant!
  13. Thanks everyone ... I will keep you posted and let you know which I end up with.
  14. just searching thru the post.. cuz i have the same problem..
    dunno which noe to go with..
    i'm 5'1..
    i know the large noe will be big on me.. but i think it's more stylish..
    whereas the petite is cute..

  15. I'm 5' 5" as well. I use to have both sizes in the Noe, but I end up selling large one since it's a bit big IMO.