Petit or Large Noe?

  1. I'm finding that my Viva Cite is a bit too structured for my tastes and have been obsessing over the noes since I saw some in the picture forum. I saw pictures of the petit noe, but I don't recall seeing any of the large noe. Does anyone have a picture of themselves carrying the large noe? I'm wondering if the large noe is too large. Thanks!
  2. The large Noe is really big - 10x13 I think? I think I read somewhere that it was designed to carry five champagne bottles. But if you like large bags, it might be perfect!
  3. The large noe is quite massive I think...I have a petit noe, and it has more than enough space to fit everything you could possibly need...I seem to remember in another thread, someone posted a picture of their cerises speedy completely inside a petit noe, so maybe that gives you an idea of the size...
  4. check out visual, I think all irene' noe are large..
  5. I love my petit..perfect size for me because I am pretty short.
  6. i'm not a fan of the drawstring style, but i would say the Petit Noe looks better, and it's definitely big enough to fit everything you need. i saw the two sizes next to each other in the store in Toronto, and the Noe looked really big, while the Petit Noe looked just nice.
  7. I'm thinking only Irene's bicolor is her only large Noe. I'm pretty sure it was her Petit Noe that "ate" her Cerises Speedy.
  8. my bad..

    you are right..only bicolor one is in large size..
  9. I also have the petit noe and find it to be plenty big. While I usually like big bags, the regular noe is too large for me.
  10. I've just purchased a petit and waiting for it to arrive. For the pic's i've seen its going to hold a TON!
    As others have said Irene's ate her speedy 25. So that tells me i can fit a lot into this bag.
    I decided on the petit because its a new style for me and being short I think the large would be too big for me.
  11. yikes! The petit ate her speedy? Well, at least that gives me a good visual. I'm tall (5'9"), and I'm sure the large one would look okay on me, but I don't want the bag to be too big. Thanks!
  12. I'm not a fan of the Noe... I love the way it looks but it wouldn't stay up on my shoulder. I had a large monogram and a large black Epi Noe... I quickly got rid of both of them... They are pretty but the issue of sliding off of my shoulder while I was trying to shop and the doggone drawstring were too much for me.
  13. i like the petit, it can fit alot of things!
  14. I fell in love with the Petite Noe! I found one made in france!!

    I love how theres less leather to take care of on the bottom.

    The size is just cuter too.
  15. [​IMG]

    Here is Irene's bag :smile: it ate the speedy :roflmfao: