Petit Noe vs. Noe

  1. Hi Ladies! I have the Petit Noe in Blue Epi. I love the style so much, I'm thinking of getting the same in Mono.
    Should I get the Petit Noe or the Noe? Is the Noe too big? Talk to me! Thanks!:confused1::smile::rolleyes::yes:
  2. the noe is HUGE. I have the petit noe and its big enough, I couldnt imagine buying a regular noe.
  3. Is the Petit Noe made in Damier Azur or Damier?
  4. They have an azur regular noe and I think you can special order one in damier (brown). But so far no petit noe's in any damier....I hope they come out with them some day because I think the regular noe's are HUGE!
  5. the peite now is pretty big, but the regluar noe is like the size of a car (lol)
  6. I think the petit noe is a great size, you'll love it!
  7. You can Special Order a Damier Ebene in Petit Noe not sure if you can in Azur yet. Maybe still too new. Wouldn't hurt to ask!
  8. I think you should definitely get the Monogram Canvas Petit Noe!

    It's always good to have a variety. ;)
  9. I like the petite one...what are you planning on using it for?
  10. Petit Noe! I think the Noe is nice but it's huge. If you're not that tall, the Petit Noe would probably work better for your height. I'm 5"3' and the Noe was just too long on me.....Petit Noe looks better and still holds alot of stuff!! I would love for LV to make the Petit Noe in the ebene Damier print!!! (Wishful thinking!)
  11. When I went to LV last November, I was going there hell bent to buy the Petite Noe (bought Popincourt Haut instead). The Petite was perfect in size, whereas the Noe was mammoth!:shocked:
  12. my vote goes to regular Noe. I love big bags.
  13. I find that the Noe is too huge. I like the petit better.
  14. Get the petit noe. I have both the monogram noe and petit noe, and I find that I use the petit noe more. The regular noe is HUGE and although I love it, I don't think it's very useful...:shame:
  15. The Noe was originally made to carry five champagne bottles. That's all the info you need to know.