Petit noe vachetta trim yes or no

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  1. Hi. I'm new to this forum and want to buy my first Louis Vuitton. Can't afford the new prices so want to get a preloved petit noe. Would you say the vachetta band adds to its bulkiness. It's impossible,to find a used petit with the vachetta trim. I'm convincing myself the plain ones will be slimmer. Any thoughts?
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    Hi Valw:smile: welcome to the forum:smile: Do you mean the bottom? If so yes you can find those preloved too. I personally like the look of the leather bottom with the extra leather. It gives it a completely look in my opinion. I almost got a preloved one with the flat bottom, but I see how the Canvas can touch the surface when I put it down. And canvas is harder to fix than leather. Infact, if canvas breaks, LV doesn't really want to repair that. But they will repair leather, and you can take it to a leather specialist etc. I also like the idea of the re enforcement of the bottoms with the trim:smile:
  3. Hi I actually mean the extra band around the bottom of the bag. I think they were added to the petit only a couple years ago.
  4. I love my Petit Noe. They are a bargain right now on the pre-loved market. Not having the band does not bother me. I usually do a quick check before I set my bag down on something so I don't stain the Vachetta bottom. The band is another area that can get stained in my opinion.
  5. Yes. I like it with that band more than without. And the extra trim is to make the bottom stronger. I prefer it with the extra:smile:
  6. I just bought the NM two weeks ago with the leather trim around the bottom like the original noe. I love the new version it is so striking with all that leather. I also can't wait for it to patina cause I think the noe bags look so good with that honey leather hue. I had both models (old) and i think the new one does stick out more because of the leather piping around the bottom edge but I don't feel it's an issue comfortability wise I just love the look of the newer version..oh and they are quite difficult to find the NM ones pre loved. I bought mine from fashionphile and only saved $150. They bring almost full value pretty much...GL with your decision
  7. I like it with the trim. It looks more finished to me. There's already so much vachetta on it that adding that little bit around the edge doesn't add anymore maintenance IMO.
  8. Here's a view of the bag from the side and pushed behind me for reference gives you an idea how much it jets out from the body. I love this style

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  9. Funny...I was the exact opposite. I wanted a brand new petit noe...and I searched high and low for one BEFORE the re-design. My SA managed to locate one in a midwest LV. She had it shipped to me and its been wonderful. I use my petit noe so much and I didn't want yet another piece of vachetta at the bottom to worry about getting dirty. I know the new look is cute, but I think the older, classic bag is far better, especially if you intend to use it a lot. :smile:
  10. Thanks for all your help. There a lot of the old petit noe on eBay. But none with the extra trim. I think I will go with the older version for now!