Petit Noe Question!

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  1. I'm itching to buy a Petit Noe on elux with the ****** 8%. But... I already have an Epi Fawn Petit Noe. Would they be too similar? thanks gals!
  2. Not at all. Go for it.
  3. if you really want it... go for it!
  4. I agree. Get it.
  5. Lori, if you use the bag a lot and like the style - GO FOR IT!
  6. I do I do!!
  7. Ok - so I did it!! Will post pics when it arrives. I figure with the 8% back and saving the 5% on tax and no shipping, its quite the deal!
  8. go fo it I love the noe
  9. Great choice and I think the epi and the mono noe look really different anyway.:yes:
  10. Sophia--How does one do this? Do you enter Elux from each, but then who registers the sale? How do they both get the credit? TIA!:yes:
  11. CONGRATS, Lori!!!:yahoo:
  12. Congrats! Can't wait to see your pics when it arrives!:yahoo:
  13. Congrats!!! waiting for the pics :smile:
  14. Congrat!!!! I love my mono PN coz it's very lighter than my white mc PN