Petit Noe: Pics of how much can fit inside?

  1. Does anyone have pics showing how much they can fit inside their Petit Noe? It would be greatly appreciated!:flowers:
  2. here is a pic of Irene's, HTH
  3. Thank you!!!

    :nuts: Wow!!! It looks like it can hold a lot.:love:
  4. Yes, it holds a TON!!! Are you in the market for one?:graucho:
  5. Oh man it holds SO MUCH!

    My petit noe's at home, I'll try to find the camera and take pics later. But I was SO AMAZED at how much I'm able to fit in there!
  6. Ok Petit Noe owners please come forward. I didnt want to start a new thread since this kind of the same topic.
    I have this bag on its way, I just couldnt resist :shame:
    I know i posted a pic of Irenes bag and how much it cant hold, but my question is Will it hold a pti, agenda, makeup case and cles?

    Also because it doesnt have pockets what do you do with your cell ?
    I have a Rokr phone which is an open face cell and just tossing it in there it could start dialing on its own. (with the other things moving around in there)

    does anyone use a pursket with this bag and still have room for your pti size wallet and agenda?

  7. i have a petit noe and it holds tons!!!
    Bag Fetish , it def. can holds those items you mention above. i'll take pic of my petit noe in afew mins
  8. you're a sweetheart thank you,
  9. Sorry that this is sorta off-topic but distantly related...

    What is the name of the smaller version of the petit noe? I saw one up on a shelf at the LV boutique at NM the other day but I didn't have time to stop by and ask. It was sooo little & cute! TIA!!:yes:
  10. sorry my camera battery ran out. and i can't found the charger in here :P i'll post pic sometimes soon
  11. Mini noe
  12. Thanks Bag Fetish!! I should have figured it would be called "mini noe" I guess "mini" is technically smaller than "petit" by definition. LOL:upsidedown:
  13. When I sold my aunt's petit Noe, I could fit a queen size sheet set inside.
  14. Nice :smile:
  15. PAGING .. Irene,

    Can you do me a fav please :smile:
    can you tell me how deep the petit noe is, and what the bottom width and length is.
    thanks dear.