Petit Noe - Petit Bucket??

  1. Who has either of these and do we love them??
  2. LOVE my petit Noe.:love:
  3. I Have Both...I Use The Petite Bucket More. There Is More Security In The Drawstring With The Noe

    I LOVE Both!!!
  4. Love the Noe! Overexposed in the 80's, 90's but its still cute and much better than the bucket!
  5. I have both, and I like them. Sometimes the bucket is irritating because one of straps will fall off of my shoulders. The petit noe holds much more.
  6. If I were you, I would definitely go with the Noé. Only because you can close the bag, I feel the bucket is so exposed. The Noé is gorgeous too!
  7. ^^ that is true: I love my bucket but I don't feel my stuff is safe since you cannot close it... but it looks so cute anyway :love: (I have a Damier one)
  8. I had both. I also found that one handle on the Bucket would fall but it sat very well on the shoulder. I found the Noe too much work to get and out of, although I loved the space.
  9. Oh no, I will be very self-conscious carrying my pn from now on:oh:.:shame:

    I love how it hangs and how much stuffs fit in it.
  10. Bonjour, here is a pic of my petit BUCKET + petit NOE. The last one is a little bigger. bucket + petit noe.jpg
  11. How much can you fit in the Petit Noe compared to say a Speedy 30?
  12. petit noe!
  13. I love my bucket but have the same problem with one strap..also, it just doesn't seem to hold enough of my stuff
  14. i love my petit bucket. it's the perfect size for me. but it's true that one strap always seems to fall off.
  15. I have both in epi, I think the 30 fits more than PN, but because you can leave the PN open so you can really fill it up, therefore, not "a lot" more.
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