petit noe or mezzo- everyday bag?

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  1. i need a bag to hold my stuff & a diaper, wipes, and snacks. i had mezzo and thought it too big... what say you? what about the noe? THANK YOU!
  2. hmmm....noe is a good everyday bag, but being a busy mother and all, I'm just htinking perhaps the drawstring might get on your nerves after a while? i dunno, cuz it might be difficult to get in/out of the bag, but some other PFers don't think so lol
  3. I don't own a Noe, but I think it would be too much hassle to untie and having to keep tie it back up. I have a Mezzo, and I love it!
  4. I think the Noe would be a hassle as well. Possibly the Luco, it's a little smaller.
  5. I have a Noe and a petit Noe and never found the drawstrings a problem. The size is brilliant (even the petit one helds a ton) and the look is so casual relaxed...perfect for summer and I have the feeling as if the Noe style is coming back in fashion.
  6. My aunt who has 2 young kids uses her black epi petit noe and says that the drawstring is easier for her to get in and out of than a zipper! :nuts:
  7. I don't particularly like the Noe but I think the Mezzo just might be too big for an every day bag. I have it and it's REALLY big once I take my textbooks out of it. I only have a few things floating around on the bottom so I keep as much as I can in the zippered pocket. I'd go with the Noe or the Luco as lachick23 said.
  8. Either one would be a great bag for your needs! Drawstrings never bothered me and I've owned 6 noes at one point!!! Some people find Noe too big (I am 5'8" and LOVE the size of the regular noe) but you may want to look at petit noe as well as it's VERY roomy and fits more than you think. If you want me to take pics of what fits in the Noe/Petit Noe, let me know.
  9. I like the cabas mezzo.
  10. Hi Mel,

    Since seems that we have the same "issues" with the bags (I don't dare to say it out loud : Speedy haters:roflmfao: ) here is what I think : the petite Noe could be a good choice - but keep in mind that that the Epi ones (my black one is) are stiff and the drawstring is a PITA (IMHO). I think the Mono Noe's are easier to "manipulate" :yes:
    I don't have the Mezzo but I see the BH as a good "diaper bag". You can use a Purseket inside and you still have place in the middle for 2-3 diapers, a little wipes box and snacks.
  11. I LOVE my Noe! I never found the drawstring an issue; unless you like to go in and out of your handbags, the drawstring is just like any other purse with a zipper. I actually chose this bag over the Cabas Mezzo because I knew it'd be too big for me, and I don't like hauling a lot of stuff. Even then, I still think the Noe is really large, and I'm mainly going to use it for school and travel...

    Even though I know that the petit noe would be a great everyday bag and it holds tons, I think it might be too small if you want to use it as a diaper bag, too. I think you should get the regular Noe! Or, like some others have said, try out the BH...
  12. My Petite Noe is 14 years old and I bought it for just that reason back then! I still remember going to Neiman Marcus with my then 2 year old son (and I was pregnant with my other one). It was the PERFECT bag for all my "mommy needs". I still love and use the bag and it looks terrific (though I switch my bags often) It is one of my favorites and has the sentimental memories too. Oh, and the vachetta held up great - even with little hands touching it, lol! Fast forward to now - a 14 and 16 year old......they're like their dad - "Mom, you used a LV as a diaper bag, OMG!"
  13. I think the noe will hold the same if not very close to a mezzo.
    You can carry your life in that bag.
  14. i have both these bags and i think the petit noe is a bit easier to get in and out of because of the drawstring. i find i have to take the mezzo off my shoulder or use two hands to unzip it and take something out. i can just use one hand to grab stuff out of the petit noe without having to take it off my shoulder. however i do prefer the mezzo since it's a bit roomier so it can fit all the baby stuff plus my stuff without everything being packed too tight. hope this helps!

  15. Ooops, I meant to say "if you like getting in and out of your handbags A LOT."