petit noe or bh??

  1. which do you prefer for a everyday bag???
  2. Petie noe is very cute, but I don't like the string closure. I have a bv and I love it!
  3. Do you want a bag that would hold a lot? I think you should stick with BH. However, I don't think there's anything wrong with the petit noe!
  4. i have the Batignolles Horizontal, and i love it. it's very roomy and the handles are very comfortable. i'm not one for a drawstring bag :blah:
  5. the BH is a nice bag, but I really love my petit noes.
    ( I have a mono and epi)
    They go with everthing and are so cute.
    The petit noe kind of seems like it should be a staple-must have for all bag ladies
  6. I love my bh! the petit noe is nice but the BH holds more- depends on what you want it for!
  7. I have the petit noe and the Bh...
    I prefer the BH for an everyday bag,
    and Noe second.
  8. Batignolles would make an excellent everyday bag.
  9. I prefer the BH.
  10. ^ me too! :yes:
  11. Batignolles Horizontal for me as well, out of the two.
  12. Petit Noe for me!
  13. I love my epi petit noe, but sometimes the drawstring bugs me. I know it's because it's new, and after I break it in, the string will be more pliable. But I love the bh. I would choose bh for everyday.
  14. i prefer the BH - it is more roomy and stays closer to your body. the petite noe is more bulky i think.
  15. My vote is for the BH. I don't like how the Petit Noe doesn't lie flat to your body, not comfortable when on the shoulder....of course in MY opinion! :p I'm also guessing from your username that you have 3 kids (?) if I'm right then the BH is much more pratical for carrying your kids stuff and getting in and out of.

    HTH! Let us know what you decide! :smile: