Petit Noé NM in epi - does anyone own it?

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  1. As I've posted in another thread, my replacement bag was also defective (long story short: I got an infrarouge Pochette Métis that had a peeling canvas issue and exchanged it for a reverse mono PM that has a serious peeling glazing issue). I'm looking for other options and, among them, I was taking a look at the Petit Noé in Epi. They have an Indigo one at the store. However, I know almost nothing about this bag and I'd appreciate some opinions on it. Thanks.
  2. I had this exact bag and after about 1 year, I sold it. It was very cute but I decided that while dark blue is my favorite color, I don't use blue bags. In addition I found the bag to be a bit cumbersome. It stuck out when carried on the shoulder. Lastly, it wasn't versatile enough. I like bags to serve multiple functions (good for travel, good for day outings,good for shopping, good for going out at night like concerts). A good bag for me has to serve at least 2 of those purposes and the petit noe didn't. Oh and when I sold it I lost a significant amount. I sold via consignment and only got about 50% of my money back even though bag was in almost new condition. I'm sorry if this seems negative but that was my experience. Good luck deciding. I have the classic PM and love it so much. I'm sorry you've had issues.
  3. Thank you very much for such a detailed response! You sure gave me food for thought. Thanks.
  4. I have the petite noe in indigo and used it continuously for two years (this was before I discovered tpf and went crazy adding bags to my collection). I love how casual it looks and it fits a ton. I still use mine once in awhile. The indigo is a beautiful color. One thing to note is that this bag does not hold its value. So if you ever plan to resale, this is not a good bag to buy.
  5. Thanks a lot! I started a new thread because I wanted to know specifically about the Petit Noé NM and if someone had it in the Indigo color.

    Yeah, I realized it doesn't hold its value... that's sad, it's a gorgeous bag. But I don't think I'd want to resell it later, because I believe it'd be functional as a work/everyday bag (I don't carry a laptop or folders to work). But is there something you don't like about yours?
  6. No I still love mine! It's just that I discovered TPF and added a lot more bags to my collection. It's still part of my bag rotation but I got a quote for it one day just out of curiosity and was shocked by how low the offer was. The epi leather is great but you can get scratches if you rub it hard enough. One of the cons about this bag is that I wish the strap was longer like the Mansur Gavriel bags. But other than that, it really is a great understated everyday bag.
  7. Great to know! I'm very short, so I believe the strap length wouldn't be an issue for me. Thanks a lot for your input, doll!
  8. Hi dear, I did consider the noe but in bb.
    Not a fan of how it juts out from the side, it isn't streamline & the rigid base isn't helping. Also felt the bag being rather heavy when loaded, so I decided to skip.
    Not exactly concerned with resale value as I don't sell bags often.
    hth ;)
  9. Yeah, I understand, my biggest concern with this bag is by far how wide the base is. I fear it will make their bag excessively bulky, not to mention I'm a very clumsy person. I'll definitely have to carefully try it on when I return to the store. Thanks!
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    @Sonmi999 - While I don't have the Petit Noéin Indigo I do have it in Noir and it is my ABSOLUTE favorite, work horse bag. I wear her EVERYDAY, stuff her, not really careful with how I handle her and she still looks great. Over the years, thanks to tpf :smile:, I've purchased a few bags, but I've only worn them 1-2 times. What I thought was my HG, the Pallas in Noir, I've only worn 3 times.
    Another pro (for me) is that the brand of the bag is inconspicuous to the average person. A person would have to have knowledge of the Petit Noé to recognize it as an LV.
    Showcasing a high end bag such as a LV, bag is not always prudent in some business or professional environments.
    If there is a con - it would be the tie closure. I made a sliderfor the ties but it wasn't tight enough, so it got lost in travels. My intent was to go to the cobbler yesterday to have another made.
    Other than that - she is a wonderful work companion! Good luck with your decision and Merry Christmas!
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  11. Thank
    Thank you for the awesome and detailed input! The tie closure doesn't bother me at all, I've already owned a Noé in mono and never found the closure a problem. I sold it just because it was too big for me. So maybe the Petit Noé is really a great option :biggrin: Thanks!
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  12. I have the petite Noe in Epi indigo and I love it. I use it when I travel - We were caught in a horrible down pour of rain - I mean soaked from head to toe but my Noe was not ruined !!!! It is a great work bag. I love to take it shopping or out on errands with my kids because you don't know the brand but I always get compliments...I really think of all my bags I have really gotten my money's worth..
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  13. Thanks for the input! I'm getting more and more drawn to this bag :smile: The store manager told me she would let me know when the epi Alma BB arrives (that is another option for me), so, when it does, I'll go back to the boutique and carefully try on the Petit Noé again.
  14. I have the NM bag, but in noir. I like it quite a bit. When I want to dress it up, I add a charm. When I want to be low key, or make sure I have a durable, non-vachette bag, it's perfect. I like how it looks and don't mind the wide base. The only con for me is the closure and that it's a pretty stiff bag. Sometimes I want the top to stay closed in more, but it invariably loosens. Also, the truth is, for my lifestyle, if I want to have a low key and durable bag (like for a sporting event when I might have to put my bag on the ground, or a Dr's office, or a hair appointment) I'm more likely to grab my Longchamp, which is about $2,000 less! lol! And, if I want a dressier bag, I will carry my Melie. As such, lately I'm not using it a lot and I am a little bummed that I'm going to take a hit on resale.

    I also have the Alma BB in noir. I really do love that bag! Obviously, its uses are different than the NM!
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