Petit Noe modelling pics

  1. Since search is down I can't find any, would love to see your modelling piccies of this lovely bag!;)
  2. Thanks
  3. there is also a Noe club (in the clubhouse).. there are modelling pics in that thread.
  4. lol i was going to post a picture! BUT IM ALREADY HERE! LOL
  5. Here's my petite red epi noe
  6. lol, me too!

    donnydp, I love this bag! It's very fun and practical. The only thing is that I'm finding myself 'growing out' of the MC, kwim? I'm thinking of maybe getting one in Mono....
  7. sosososo cute
  8. oops - sorry - didn't see this was pushed towards the reference library....NEVERRRR MINNDD.....
  9. i love my petit noe!!!
  10. pretty !