Petit Noe leather has cracked!!! (Pics)

  1. Here is a good story about LV and customer service:

    I purchased my Mono Petit Noe in December 2006 directly from LV Century City. I have owned this bag for over 12 months. This past Friday while using my Petit Noe, I noticed that the vachetta leather strip that encircles the top of the bag had cracked in two places!

    I brought the Petit Noe to LV Century City on Saturday and showed it to my SA. She said that she would send it to the repair center to have the vachetta leather strip completely replaced at NO CHARGE to me since it would be considered under warranty but the repair would probably take about 4 to 6 weeks. The vachetta leather strip will be brand new while the rest of my Petit Noe has a very light patina but I can live with that!!

    I guess since the Petit Noe is a drawstring bag, the top of the bag when gathered has to bend, but the leather still shouldn't crack. Anyways, I'm very happy that I won't have to pay for a repair..... I can understand if I had the bag for 10 years and the leather cracked but since the bag is only about 13 months old, the leather shouldn't be cracking so soon!

    Here are some pics - the cracks were on either side of where the strap attached to the Petit Noe. One of the cracks is huge while the other was just starting to crack but not all the way through the leather.
    IMG_0266.JPG IMG_0269.JPG IMG_0278.JPG IMG_0265.JPG IMG_0272.JPG
  2. That's strange. I've never seen that before. Glad they are able to repair the bag
  3. That is very odd!! But very happy to hear they'll repair!!!
  4. wow, that is odd. my mono petit noe is 4 years old and not a crack in sight. yes the vachette has turned that coveted honey color, and the drawstring could be replaced, but the top of the bag is fine.

    i'm glad you got it replaced - it will look wonderful in 4-6 weeks!
  5. I agree--that is unusual. I have a noe that is 15 years old and the leather has not cracked at all!
  6. LV only uses the highest quality leather for vachetta, but there may exist weaknesses in the leather even if it's of the highest quality. Of course they will replace it, as it
    s a clear breach of their quality control.
  7. Oh dear :sad: But good to know you are able to get it fixed :heart:
  8. oh, that doesn't look too good, but glad you're gonna get it back fixed for free!

    maybe it cracked because you kept it too dry?
    i'm just guessing..
    maybe it got too dry and porous and cracked...?
  9. doesn't look good at all! good job you went in and showed them, and even better that they are gonna send little noe to the spa!
  10. Wow! I didn't know that happened! Glad to hear that they're replacing the trim, peace. :smile:

    A little OT, but I want to go to Century City, again! That was fun! :p
  11. my noe has some small cracks in the same area but its 11 years old haha! im glad they fixed it for you
  12. WOW-- I've had mine for about 3 years and it doesn't have any cracks... so glad they are fixing it for you... and FOR FREE.. even better!
  13. ~OMGosh! Talk abt. customer service:balloon:This kind of story is totally awesome. You really got a SUPER nice SA:tup:It's no wonder you don't want to buy elsewhere :graucho:~
  14. Thx!!! Yeah, my SA is really nice - I always have fun talking with her. She even gave me a box of See's candy as a late X-Mas gift!