Petit Noe in Monogram vs. mandarin Epi???

  1. I have been wanting a Petit Noe (in Epi, color mandarin); however, I went for the more affordable Petit Noe in Monogram. With that said, would it be insane to eventually spend on the Epi? Is having the same style bag ridiculous? Please Help! My friends are tired of hearing about this!

    Thank you so much,
    petit noe
  2. Heck no!

    If it were me, I would get a Mandrin Epi Alma. ;)
  3. Feeling better already. Do you have any other ideas? I am curious!
  4. its not ridiculus to have the same bag in different colors, actually it is quite SANE in THESE Forums..... but i prefer the epi and think you should get it... epi leather will stand the test of time... there was a thread called toledo blue , they had a 10 year old epi speedy... looks as good as they bought it yesterday!
  5. Well, I already spent on the Monogram; yet, with your support, I think that I will also go for the Epi! Say Christmas!
  6. It's perfectly normal to have a couple of petit noes or any other style of bag which you love. It could become your trademark bag! Since getting the cerises speedy, I myself want to have a damier speedy, MC speedy, neo speedy, epi speedy.....
  7. Not weird at all! I've got two PNs already (one in mono and one in epi) and just got myself a reg. Noe in epi as well!:nuts: LOVE the shape!!!
  8. Anyone have any other purse ideas??? Thanks everyone!
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  9. How about a speedy in Mandarin epi?;)
  10. Mandarin epi, definitely
  11. Any other epi color ideas. I love the toledo blue. Is this color still available in petit noe? I know that the yellow was discontinued--too bad! Should I hold out on the mandarin and wait for better colors to arrive?

    Thank you.
    I can not stop thinking about my purses:tender: ,
    petit noe
  12. The toledo blue is already discontinued (same with the fawn colour and the green). As for the mandarin, if it's not your first choice of colour, then you should hold out for another colour. A red or mocha epi petit noe would look pretty nice! And those two colours are currently still available (although I heard elsewhere on this forum that the mocha may be in the process of being phased out). Good luck on finding your epi petit noe! :smile:
  13. EPI in mandarin is gorgeous!
  14. Thanks for your help. You are right--I should probably wait on the perfect color. I guess I am worried that there is no perfect color and that I am overthinking this; I just really want one!

  15. Irene can you post a picture of you w/ the reg. Noe? I can't decide if I want the reg. or petite!!! I def. want the Noe though!! :yahoo:

    (also...stupid...but how do you pronounce Noe?!)