Petit Noe??? Batignolles???


Petit Noe?? or regular Batignolles??

  1. Petit noe in mono!

  2. Regular Batignolles!

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  1. hi~ Im planing to give present to best friend of mine between Petit Noe in mono or regular Batignolles...:yes:
    I have Batignolles and i know its beautiful bag..but i saw few people carrying petit noe in monogram today and i fall in luv..
    I think she will love any of this bag but not quite sure what i should get for her..:confused1::confused1:
    Which one would u prefer???;)
  2. Also does anyone can tell me how to move or cancel the thread?? I accidentally posted on clubhouse thread...:crybaby::crybaby:
  3. Regular Batignolles!
  4. petit noe
  5. Does she prefer shoulder bags or handhelds? Unless she is quite thin, she might have trouble comfortably using the Batignolles on her shoulder. I do prefer the shape of the batignolles, though.
  6. I love the Noe! Something about that shape just draws me in.
  7. I voted for the Petite Noe. I :heart: it!
  8. I voted for the Noe. Roomy and very comfortable on the shoulder.
  9. Petit Noe. One shoulder strap is much better than two (it tends to stay on).
  10. I love the petite noe in mono!!
  11. I voted for petit noe. One strap is better than two for shoulder bag, and I prefer the bh or bv over the reg. bat. Plus, petit noe is so darn cute!
  12. yeah~ she alwaiz carry handhold bag but i think its a good chance to try something different this time..:yes::yes: but bit worrying abt vachette at the bottom and drawstring...i want to see her happy face when i give it..:p
    still really dun know...:confused1::confused1:
  13. It's ok now..i fixed the problem..:smile:
  14. petit noe is so cute. what a nice friend you are!
  15. :love: the petite noe!
    You're a generous friend...very sweet! Isn't it going to be thrilling for you to see her reaction! I :heart: it!