petit Hermes necklace

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  1. Here is a petit Hermes necklace I bought a few month ago.It's made of Clemence an it has a lovely blue underetone
    047.JPG 048.JPG 049.JPG
  2. Soooo cool my favorite petit H item yet !!!!
  3. Wow very special n unique piece
    Very nice color combo
    U so lucky
  4. I've never seen that before!! I love it!! :loveeyes:
  5. !!!!
  6. Was it only certain stores that had petit H items , is it pointless asking my SM about it dont want to look a fool.
  7. How cool..! Unique indeed...
    Congrats dear..!
  8. There is an exhibit that is making the circuit globally speaking and this is where the items are primarily sold; however, the US had some limited pieces on their website.

    I was going to say go ahead and ask -- they think we're fools anyway. There is a recent experience that caused that remark to bubble up but don't want to get off topic.
  9. Love it! Such an interesting intricate piece. Congrats!
  10. Thank you all! I got it in Paris at FSH:smile:
  11. That is just beautiful. I don't blame you one bit for grabbing it!!! I would have bought it in a heartbeat!!!
  12. Very nice. I have never seen that before.
  13. is it big enough to be worn around the neck, or it's only for the little ones?
  14. Oh wow, that is really unusual and unique! Love it!
  15. Love this necklace!! I'm hoping to score some petit Hs as well, so lucky to score this in FSH! :smile: