petit ellipse

  1. so, I have been wanting to buy petit ellipse for a while now. I decided to maybe just buy it used (prob from eaby or if any of you is selling) coz I want something that well... I can beat up. If I spend too much money, I am not gonna want to utilize it too much
    Anyways, I dont want to overbid, so how much do you think a used petit ellipse worth?
    I hope I did not write anything that is not appropraite.
  2. you can get a good used one for 350$-500$ depending on the condition of it. there are few on eBay now, its just a matter of what you want to spend and the condtion you are looking for. If you are looking for near new condition you can expect to pay 650+ the bag retails for 960 US
  3. I bought one in excellent condition for about $575 with shipping.
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