1. The concept has been around for a long time, I used a dremil drill on a low setting with a sander pad on the big dog's nails for a long time.

    If your pup doesn't mind a grinding noise and the vibrations of this tool, or can be trained to hold still for it, I say it's worth a shot. Keeping the nails short, especially the back nails, prevents a lot of foot problems.
  2. I have been using a dremel for years. This one looks like it might be easier to keep hair out. My older dog hated the clippers but is fine with the dremel. Young dog, well he has long hair and I have pulled out tail hairs on occasion! I even quicked one of his dew claws, the vein seemed to be very close to the side of the nail. He wasn't upset, just sort of annoyed that it hurt a little. Sounds like a great idea if you don't have a cordless dremel already.
  3. A simple solution for the long haired dogs and a dremmel is to go to the dollar store and buy knee highs or even regular pantyhose. Before you dremmel, put them over your dogs paw and push his/her nails through and the hair is held back by the sounds crazy but it works:p
  4. That is what I did at first but it didn't address the tail issue. He puts his tail between his legs when he is upside down on my lap and it gets near the spinning drum sometimes.
    Love grinding nails. They are smooth, doesn't hurt the dog, dog lets me do it!
    You do have to watch how long you grind a nail as it gets hot after a couple seconds and that hurts.
  5. Jaeger has his nails dremeled. We started when he was a puppy and he's really good about having them done

    He's very proud to show off his new teeth and pretty nails :p
  6. ^ that picture of Jaeger is awesome!! Love it!
  7. What a HAM! :lol::love: