Peter tay @ BG

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  1. i'm not sure if this thread is allowed here but i'm getting a bit desperate so hopefully someone will be able to console me!

    i'm aware that peter is no longer working at BG because i'm on his mailing list and he said that becca, his gf, will still be able to help though. so anyway, i ordered my flap through him. while asking for info on the bag such as whether it is new, if he could send me pictures of the actual bag i'll be receiving etc., his replies were prompt. after confirming that i would like to take the bag and providing him with the credit card details, he has not replied me since (it has been 5 days)!

    i emailed him to check on the status of the bag because according to my bank, the charge has been approved. i feel as though i'm waiting aimlessly for a reply from peter. i see that he has been sending updates on new stuff at BF but why doesn't he reply me?! is he this unresponsive?!

  2. Have you got him on BlackBerry Messenger? Ping him and bug him till he does reply- Failing that call BG and ask to speak to Becca?
  3. i don't have a BB. how does this BB thing work? and i'm not in the states so there's a massive time difference. i guess if he doesn't reply me today (i've resent the email), i'll call up BG.
  4. I'd call BG and ask for his girlfriend Becca since the order was probably placed through her. In the future, I would call BG directly and place the order wtih someone over the phone who works at the store. Not that Peter isn't trustworthy, but I wouldn't place my order with him since he no longer works at BG. Just my opinion.
  5. ^ITA. I've purchased bags from Peter before and I do not doubt that he is trustworthy, but it might simplify things for your benefit if you deal with the actual SA who's ringing your order up, so you don't have to go through a middle man. FWIW, Peter can be unresponsive from time to time but always replies eventually. I would call BG directly if the matter is urgent.
  6. hi,

    i had the same experience with him..its the same..order placed and then waited for a week plus and then the next he sent an email to say his post has ended with BG and that he can still assist with future orders thru his friend. according to him, international charge takes about 10 days and my card was also debited and i called my bank and they says they have claimed the amount too. I chased him and he says will be sent out as he already packed and sent to their mail ctr and i eventually did receive it. HTH
  7. PM me ~ i have his phone #'s in an email...
    i do believe he's legit but i can certainly see why you're worried since he doens't actrually work at BG any longer! i also agree w gators ~ Becca is a personal shopper at BG...
    hope i can help...Joan
  8. How annoying. I am sure it will work out aol
    k but I hate when people sell and that's all. Like onto the next or whatever else. Good luck
  9. i think i'll call up BG and look for becca. is she located in the chanel department or does she move around?
  10. I have sent him a few emails with questions of stock and he either never got back to me or answered me with 1 word answers... not very helpful in my opinion! There are so many other SA out there that respond right away so I will definitely not use Peter (just my opinion)
  11. maybe since it's international that's why it's taking so long, Good Luck!:smile:
    BTW when you order from BG do you get a big customs charge, I want to send a gift overseas, Thanks!
  12. I spoke to Peter the other day and he was very helpful with all my purchases. He also addressed the fact that so many of the people wastes his time (and his girlfriend's time) with a million questions only to find out that the client decided to purchase else where...So, I have to admit if you are one of those people, there is a reason why he doesnt respond to you...and frankly, I dont blame him or his girlfriend.

    And besides, who else sends out emails about new deliveries like he does? I would like to know so I can get on those emails too!
  13. I don't waste anyones time- I think that is a little harsh. If I am asking about a bag it is because I want to buy! Some SA go for volume while others for service- to each their own:graucho:
  14. ---
  15. if you read my first post, i've already provided him with my credit card details and was charged but he didn't provide me any updates so i was anxious.

    i clearly understand if he gets irritated by people who waste his time but i am also partial to people who ask but ultimately decide not to buy or buy elsewhere (as a customer, i would definitely want to maximise my purchase and minimize my costs etc.)

    but all is well now, i just received a reply from him and my bag is ready to be shipped! YIPPEEE!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.