Pete the Father Figure

  1. Pete Doherty takes Kate Moss’s daughter Lila out for a walk and a little bike-riding lesson on Mothers Day. They both looked happy together and seemed to enjoy each others company. It was rumoured today that Pete wants to visit Afghanistan to entertain troops and he was certainly dressed appropriately with a red Army hat and grey suit.
  2. they look good together.Who knows...Maybe he could actually be a good father figure...
  3. He's creepy:wtf:
  4. ^^^ Yes, he's creepy. The girl is so cute though.
  5. I love that he is smoking around her *saying this in the most sarcastic tone ever!*
  6. wait a minute!!! on the first pic!
    what is that on his upper lips? looks like a mole?
    i don't think he had a mole though!
  7. what's on his face?[​IMG]
  8. It is a spot, I have abetter picture- open if you dare!.....( you have been warned)
    taken from
    petes zit.jpg

  9. OMG! cammy, that is GROSS!!!! :throwup:
  10. I was wondering about that "mole" I find him so gross, what Kate sees in him is beyond me. I think his outfit is ridiculous too
  11. Grim grim grim. Kate Moss is too drug addled to realise what a fool she is being. That poor kid.
  12. What a cute little girl! :love:
  13. It's like his whole head is morphing into that zit!!!
  14. maybe his pipe got a little too hot?:wtf:
  15. She's such a gorgeous little girl. Shame her mother sees fit to leave her in the company of such a drug addled loser.