Pete Doherty engaged to Kate Moss' topshop model

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  1. [​IMG]

    PETE DOHERTY IS ENGAGED to Irina Lazareanu, the model who starred in Kate Moss's Topshop campaign. Canadian Lazareanu was hand-picked by Moss for her high-street range ads, after she had also used her for a shoot whilst guest editing French Vogue in 2005.

    Lazareanu has been a fixture on all the big name catwalks this season, including Christian Dior, Burberry and Salvatore Ferragamo. Women's Wear Daily have reported that she was spotted backstage at a show this Tuesday sporting an engagement ring, and claimed, 'I very recently got engaged.'

    The couple had dated briefly before Doherty embarked on his relationship with Moss. The on again-off again relationship seems finally to be over, with Kate also with new man Jamie Hince. (4 October 2007)
  2. What can you say?
  3. isn't she also a member of the babyshambles?
  4. See beauty doesn't make you smart!!!!!!
  5. That was fast. Guess his huge love for Kate wasn't that huge after all.
  6. I agree!! He seems like a loser and Kate should be happy that he is moving away from her and can now ruin someone elses life.
  7. Man don't these ppl even wait half a day before moving on from one bad relationship to another? No wonder none of them ever last with anyone.

  8. I don't think so isn't all the members guys??
  9. What a joke!!!

    Didnt Kate talk earlier in the week about getting engaged to this new guy she has known for 5 mins

    Pete Doherty is obviously just getting back at her, and how can this model fall for it.

    Talk about (flat) tit for tat :biggrin: !!!!!
  10. Ewww, what do they see in this man?
  11. ^^^^Press Attention!!!! Thats all he can provide, except maybe drugs.

    I personnally think he's ugly, greasy, dirty, too thin and I don't like his songs much either.
  12. ugh! she's my favorite model too... i don't think this is headed anywhere good:tdown:
    kind of odd that she and kate moss were such good friends... i can't imagine they are anymore:nogood:
  13. No way! I can't believe this. Irina and him? I wonder what Kate Moss think because I read that she and Irina are friends. I think that they are both spectacular models. I hope that this doesn't a problem in their friendship.
  14. People love with their heart, not their brain ;)
  15. It's not going to last.