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  1. If this trailer is any indication, Lifetime's sequel to “Flowers in the Attic” will live up to expectations

    Lifetime has released the first look at “Petals on the Wind,” the sequel to its original movie “Flowers in the Attic.”

    The first trailer is chockfull of what one would want from a movie based on the V.C. Andrews books. There's a lot of slapping, some ungodly sex and lots of vengeance being delivered.

    “It's going to be a revenge story,” Executive producer Michele Weiss told TheWrap. “It's going to be Cathy and Christopher 10 years older, trying to get along with their lives, also caught up in feelings of resentment and revenge on Corinne.”

    “Petals on the Wind” takes place 10 years after the events of “Flowers in the Attic.” It's the 1970s and Cathy (Rose McIver) and Chris (Wyatt Nash) have tried to move on from their twisted childhood. But, unforeseen events will thrust the siblings back together again and will draw them to Foxworth Hall, where they were once held captive by their mother and grandmother.

    “I can understand that with what [Cathy has] been through, she seeks this deep seeded vengeance,” McIver told TheWrap. “It's very understandable that these people have wronged her and what she wants to do, but it's the perfect example of revenge really hurts you just as much as it hurts the other people. So, I can't help but feel so sad and protective of this character as she makes these decisions, which aren't necessarily beneficial to her future.

    Also read: ‘Flowers in the Attic’ Producer Talks Sequel: ‘Petals on the Wind’ Is a ‘Revenge Story’

    “Flowers” stars Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn reprise their roles as selfish mother Corrine and bible-thumping grandmother Olivia, respectively. In addition to McIver and Nash, the cast members include Will Kemp and Dylan Bruce.

    Lifetime is currently in development on three additional Andrews’ books, including “If There Be Thorns” and “Seeds of Yesterday,” both from the Dollananger series, and the standalone novel “My Sweet Audrina.”

    “Petals on the Wind” premieres on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, at 9 p.m.
  2. Gonna suck just like the first one. Obviously this was already in development so they are probably not going to take into consideration any comments about the last one.
  3. Yah it was as bad as the first one!
  4. I tried to watch it, but the brother and sister making out creeped me out. I know it's fake, but the thought made me ill.
  5. I DVR'D it.. it will be horrible but I like a good train wreck.
  6. I recorded it, haven't watched yet.

  7. And a train wreck it is!
  8. I am watching and got confused right off the bat when they skipped ten years. Cathy had a whole incestuous type relationship with the doctor that took them in. Ah well. I did see they are planning the third book for 2015. I wish they would do the Heaven series.
  9. the books of course are nothing like the movie, if the brother/sister make out scenes creep you out don't dare read any of the books cause its worse. The whole series of the Dollanganger family is twisted from the start. Garden of Shadows which is supposed to be about Olivia when she first meets Malcolm and has Corrine and I swear that Malcolm appears to have a weird obsession with his daughter Corrine who eventually grows up to marry her 1/2 uncle. Cant believe I read all the books years ago, the whole series is just *shudders*
  10. #10 Jun 5, 2014
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2014
    Nope, Malcom is obsessed with his father's wife, who is named Alicia. He rapes her, and then names the daughter Corrine. He and Olivia raise the child, but Olivia never accepts Corrine.

    Also, technically Christopher is Corinne's half brother and half huncle. They share the same mother, and their fathers are Father (Garland Foxworth) and son (Malcolm Foxworth).
  11. I don't think I read the Dollanger series. I did read quite a few of the other series when I was a pre-teen/teenager (my parents forbid me to read them, but I would secretly get my hands on copies). They all have incest in them, but I guess when you are 12-14 you don't really think about just how disgusting that is.

  12. That is true but not sure if you have read all of the books but I am aware of Alicia and Malcolm etc. but in one of the books for the life of me can't remember which one, Olivia walked in on Malcolm eyeing Corrine with a lustful eye.. And yes Corrine married her half uncle/brother. Same thing. What you're referring to all happened in garden of shadows which wasn't written by VC
  13. actually its the same books,Dollanganger is the name that they all took on after the left the Foxworth mansion. And yeah I was about 14 when I read Garden of Shadows I was being backwards by reading the last book in the series but it is actually considered a prequel. Then I read Flowers in the Attic because I was so intrigued by the story, that then led me to Petals on the Wind and then If there be Thorns and Seeds of Yesteryear or something. It would be interesting to see if they carry the movies all the way through to the end where Cathy's kids take over
  14. I finally broke down and watched it. Dare I say it may not have been as bad as the first one. Still horrid but..

    I read most of the series when I was maybe 11 or 12! Wow what a subject matter! I dont remember much of the story... maybe I should go back and reread them.. but not sure I can stomach it at 45!!
  15. The dollanger series's were all scripted by her though. She left many unfinished works, the ghost writer was hired to complete them and establish new ones.

    Also, I know what you refer too, it because in the books, Corrine looks just like her Mother Alicia, which is why Olivia hates her even more. Also, Malcolm basically ignores, rejects the kids he has with Olivia.

    What we do agree on, the books were sick, but I'm not gonna lie, they were good, especially those written by VC herself.