petal to the metal wallet

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  1. has anyone bought one of these???if so would you recommend buying one and do you have pics of it????
  2. ooh I'm also interested! I'd love one but I'm undecided on a color. good thread OP! :smile:
  3. ye im liking both the cement and the grape juice wallets. i have a cement natasha so maybe cement.......??????
  4. congrats on the cement Natasha! I just read that you got this one by mistake instead of the Grape Juice. lucky you!

    as for the PTTM zip clutch, I think there was a reveal of one in cement about a month ago

    here it is.
  5. thanks for the link i so want both the key pouch and the walley but with shipping and vat its working out sooo expensive!!!
  6. The PTTM SLGs are really cute but WAY overpriced, IMO. :sweatdrop:
  7. is there anywhere else i could buy one that is slightly cheaper????
  8. Well, unfortunately for you, they're a bit hard to find right now due to the PTTM being so popular, however I'm pretty sure I saw a wallet for sale on earlier. If you want cheaper than retail, eBay/Bonanzle are your best bet.
  9. kitcat, thanks for sharing your reveal thread! Somehow I missed it. Your bag, purse and key pouch are all TDF!!! I have a black PTTM Natasha coming my way and I've love a wallet. I can't decide to get a matching black one, or a fun color.
  10. I say fun colour! I'm liking the hot pink colour.
  11. Last week, I saw the black and cement wallets in Nordstrom, but this week, I went back and they were both gone! I think they really are super popular. I have the cement Natasha too, but I don't know that I'd need a wallet since I have the bag, but if I were to get one, I'd switch it up and choose a new color that doesn't match your bag.