petal pink or bubblegum 08?

  1. help girls! I can't decide!! I can only get one, and I like a darker pink. Could someone recommend which one to get? thanks!
  2. Petal Pink is what BalNY is calling Bubblegum. The darker pink is Pale Magenta I believe. It is darker than the Bubblegum and very pretty, just be specific about the leather if you can't hand pick it yourself, it seems that the leather is pretty varied!

    I wish you well,

  3. Yeah ... Petal Pink = you must be talking about Magenta vs Bubblegum. If you can find a Magenta w/good leather, then it sounds like you'd prefer it. The Magentas I have seen have almost all been really veiny.
  4. So assuming you mean Magenta versus Petal Pink (Bubblegum), then if you get the chance see them both in person. I purchased the Bubblegum sight unseen and my sweetie was very happy with it. Very soft, smooshy, and not veiny. But reports on the Magenta have been a little more mixed. I think the Magenta has a nice look but you may find it too veiny, and some reports are that this is a little dry.

  5. I vote for Petal Pink
  6. Agreed with JimLong, the Magents thus far are very varied quality wise.

    Just for this mere fact, I'd vote for BG.

    I'm feelin the BG more anyways cause compared to the 05 Magenta, this year's Magenta sucks. =X
  7. the petal pink and bubblegum 08 are actually the same color

    but if u meant, bubblegum 08 or pale magenta...i'll go for bubblegum :smile:
  8. i have only seen the piccies of these 2 far im getting the bubblegun pnk