PETA Vegan Eyeshadow Palettes from Smashbox

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  1. Hi! I just looked at Smashbox Cosmetic's website to order my usual Browtech and found out that they have 2 new Eyeshadow Palettes that they did with PETA!

    They are vegan and cruelty free..I ordered "Earth Mother" which is a brownish palette but there is also "In the Wild" which has peach, pink and ivory...sooo beautiful.

    AND if that wasn't good enough they have FREE shipping!!:yahoo::heart:
  2. Thanks for posting! These look pretty and smashbox has nice color cosmetics too! It's great that they're cruelty free. Don't forget there's a promo code FFSUM7 to get an extra 20% off in addition to the free shipping through the 29th. :tup:
  3. great deal, thanks!
  4. Can you pls give me the link?
  5. Thank you so much for the information! Sounds great!
  6. O wow that sounds interesting :smile: i'm going to take a look now.