PETA say "Put those M & M's DOWN!"

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  1. I understand that sometimes animal testing is vital to science...but why this?? :cursing:

    Link sent to me from today.
  2. That is awful. i signed the petition.
  3. WTF??? Why are any of those tests even necessary? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

  4. UGGH!!!:rant::censor: Signed!!
  5. is this site for real? what does snopes say? it kind of reminds me of the pregnant man site.... (which is a hoax site, btw)...
  6. Kind of real.

    For the time being, the website is full of claims (typical for PETA). I don't think Mars has issued a formal response - seems like this is a new boycott/website.

    Mars says on its Website that it bars animal research "involving euthanasia, vivisection or the suffering of any animal" in developing its snacks, drinks and pet products.
    But the Website also says that a separate business unit, Symbioscience, would undertake "limited forms of animal testing" when required to demonstrate the safety or efficacy of "pharmaceutical and therapeutic food products."

    PETA said in its statement that Mars paid for experiments in which mice had to swim in a pool of water and paint and find a hidden platform to avoid drowning and were killed later.

    The group also accused Mars of funding an experiment in which plastic tubes were surgically attached to guinea pigs' carotid arteries and cocoa ingredients were injected into their jugular veins to cause a sharp drop in blood pressure, and another experiment in which rabbits were fed high-cholesterol diets with varying amounts of cocoa and later the main blood vessels to their hearts were cut out and examined.

    The University of California, San Francisco, confirmed in a statement that it was conducting a Mars-funded study of the potential health benefits of cocoa flavanols involving testing on rats.

    "UCSF takes seriously the responsibility of working with animals and is committed to maintaining the highest standard of humane treatment in animal care and use," Clifford Roberts, interim associate vice chancellor for research said in the statement.
  7. ^ Ok, I know this is a serious thread, but the guy on their main page cracked me up :lol:

    But back to the OT, PETA is known for being a little bit sensational at times to get their point across. I don't always agree with their stance on things, but I REALLY hope this isn't true! Even rats don't deserve that kind of treatment :sad:...
  8. I have no problem with this. If these are really tests to help identify possible cures or treatments for current diseases.

    Oh...and shut up, PETA! The more you cry wolf, the more people are going to stop caring to hear you.
  9. As long as you get yours right? who cares what gets tortured and hurt in the way of keeping you healthy. Even if it's unecessary.

    I don't know about all of this... But I do know one's ego is his greatest downfall.
  10. :crybaby:
    why are those tests even necessary?!
    there goes eating skittles and feeling happy..
  11. This is horrible....I signed the petition too.
  12. No more chocolate for me... not that I need it anyway, but seriously... geez.
  13. Are you serious?

    Part of the process of testing possible treatments for humans is by testing them on animals. Do you know how many treatments that humans benefit from, daily, have been tested on animals? Do you propose we stop testing possible cures on animals and instead test them on humans to that they might die instead?
    Let's be honest...stuff like this isn't pretty, but it's needed. Don't get me wrong, sometimes there is no need to test on animals and when that's the case, I'm all for calling companies out, but sometimes it is needed, and when human lives are on the line, I'm perfectly fine with a few rats dying than fellow humans...and that has nothing to do with ego, rather sensibility.
    If these test truly are unnecessary, then Mars needs to stop, but from what I read, it looks like they're testing for possible treatments that will eventually be used on humans.
  14. Well that was pretty gruesome...
    I signed
  15. I think the point is Charles that testing on animals for the purposes of selling candy is ludicrous, I think even you would agree to that
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