PETA-?Have you read this?

  1. The link does not work?
  2. When I see proof of any of those statements I will perhaps listen.
  3. Penn & Teller talked about PETA once. This was mentioned.
  4. I wouldnt be surprised.
  5. I signed the petition.
  6. I've known all of this and more for years. They may have begun with the right intentions but turned into a facist, terrorist organization. On the surface they seem innocent. But once you start digging, it gets pretty disgusting. I'm tired of them. There are so many conservation organizations out there that are actually helping animals and the environment. I choose to give those organizations my money and attention.
  7. I have read this before and there is some pretty interesting information on there. I don't like "preachy" organizations and I feel PETA is right up there. As bagnshoo said I rater give my time and money to my local rescues and SPCA.
  8. Look on You Tube for the thing done by Penn and Teller. It goes into a lot of what you don't hear about PETA.
  9. Agree...rather it give money to ASPCA or my local shelter.
  10. PETA are the only ones doing the inside investigations that I know about, and actually exposing the cruelty of different companies. I can't not support that.
  11. :tup: I totally agree.

    PETA does some really political and attention seeking stunts. As a mother of a teen I am concerned with the dangers of teenage binge drinking. Not long ago PETA ran a "Got Beer" campaign aimed at encouraging college kids to drink more beer and less milk. WTF???

    I'm sickened by the idea that it's ethical treatment of animals to release THOUSANDS of minks into the wild, hence destroying the local ecosystem. WTG PETA (insert sarcasm here). :tdown:
  12. :yes:
  13. Agree. Altho I give my money to a local no-kill bunny shelter (I'm all for bunnies) instead. Then I just don't eat meat or wear's small, but it's doing something on my part.
    PETA tends to make me feel like I'm not doing enough, which I may not be, but I do DO something and I what I can.