PETA gets Beyonce

  1. She's such a robot she couldn't even stand up for herself.
  2. I know wish she would act like a human being. Everything is not all good all the time. Mary J Blige warned PETA if they ever throw paint on her coat. There would be some serious problems. The beat down would proceed. Mary don't play.
  3. OMG! IM SICK OF PETA!! :rant:
  4. what happened? somehow i can't view the video... ):
  5. Basically, Beyonce had an Ebay auction to meet her and have lunch. Two ladies from PETA win the auction. At lunch they confront B about wearing fur.:mad: She's totally caught off guard.:shame: Her people start answering all of the questions the PETA people are asking her. Meanwhile Beyonce sits there saying NOTHING.:Push: Finally MAMA Knowles kicks the PETA ladies out. Beyonce is still sitting there lifeless.:blink: DAMN:rant:
  6. aw beyonce SPEAK! :smile:

    i loved the part about the chinchilla ranch...but probably not for the reason the peta people were hoping. whenever i go into petsmart and see chinchillas i always think or even say something to the effect of "aw! what an adorable coat those would make!" so um yeah, i like fur. :biggrin:
  7. Too funny!

  8. OMG, I'm sick of people supporting an industry that is built on vanity! Leather is okay, since we take advantage of the entire animal and the animal is usually domesticated, but to keep wild animals trapped in small cages just so that some idiot is able to show themself off wearing a dead animal is unacceptable!
  9. I am sure she was just surprised to speak and if she says the wrong thing there might be a lot of consquences. Its not like us whowould say something to do and it wouldnt matter if we offendedanyone etc etc but her they could always spin and and cause her a lot of trouble.
  10. B had no excuse not to say anything. You can still be poised and tell Peta to go shove it because you are free to do as you like. No one should have made that girl cower in the corner unless of course she is a robot like someone suggested.
  11. lemme word this better. I'm not sick of PETA itself. I think someone should stand up for the animals or whatnot. But just their in your face method of getting their message across bugs me from time to time.
  12. I don't really like the in your face treatment either. IN San fran, PETA will egg your furs :sick:

    Not to offend anyone here, but I can only respect someone's opinion about animals if they are VEGAN and wear ORGANIC clothing. I know that all animals weren't domesticated from the get - go, they were all wild at a time.

    Anyways, B should've said something, but I heard she can't speak up for herself and she's very affected by people's opinions of her.
  13. Actually, mink carcasses are ground up to make various kinds of animal feed, including some kinds of dog food, so the whole animal does get used.

  14. If someone egged me, they will be walking with a limp for the rest of their lives. :mad: